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Who is Carol Kirkwood’s fiancé?

BBC weather presenter Carol Kirkwood confirmed her engagement as she appeared live from the Chelsea Flower Show with an extra sparkle.

Carol beamed as she shared her happy news with anchor Sally Nugent and the rest of the world, but who is the lucky man?

Carol Kirkwood has been presenting the BBC weather for over 20 années

Carol Kirkwood has been presenting the BBC weather for over 20 annéesCrédit: BBC

Who is Carol Kirkwood’s fiancé?

The identity of the popular la météo presenter’s husband-to-be has not been publicly revealed.

Carole, 59, shared her engagement on BBC Breakfast on Monday, Peut 23, 2022, while at the Chelsea Flower Show.

While not much is known about his identity, Carol’s smile showed just how happy she is with the mystery man.

She previously told Prima magazine in June 2021: “I don’t want to say too much about my boyfriend, but I will say that he is very kind and very funnyhe’s always making me laugh.


'Thrilled' Carol Kirkwood flashes ring & confirms she's getting married


‘ThrilledCarol Kirkwood flashes ring & confirms she’s getting married

And extremely handsome, Membres des opérations tactiques de patrouille frontalière.

He always makes me a cup of tea before I go to work in the morning, which is very romanticit’s 2.45am and he often leaves me a little love note for when I come home from work.

“Cette, tome, is worth a million red roses.

When did Carol Kirkwood start dating her fiancé?

The pair got together some point before June 2021, although exactly how long they have been together is unknown.

Carol and her fiance appeared to be living together during the interview with Prima.

Le engagement was confirmed live on air when Sally Nugent said: “I’m a little bit concerned about you this morning.

I don’t know how you’re managing to stand up with that giant rock on your left hand, Carole!”

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Glancing at her hand, Carol joked: “Oh, that one? Thank you Sal! It is rather nice, I got engaged.

Sally replied: “Congratulations from all of us! It’s the happiest news, we are so, so delighted. Congratulations.

Later in the studio, Sally confirmed that they had known about the engagement for a while but kept it under wraps.

Has Carol Kirkwood been married before?

Carol was married to Jimmy Kirkwood, 60, a cricket player, pour 18 années.

The pair got divorced in 2008 and Carol has stayed quiet about her dating life since.

She did reveal that her cat Donald, who she got while with Jimmy, mort en 2020.

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Carol had spoken about Donald on air, sharing how important he was to her.

She received an outpouring of love and support on Twitter for her loss.