男の子のローガンを聞いたとき、私の体のすべての繊維が死んだ, 5, 殺害された

LOGAN Mwangi’s tormented today saidevery fibre in my body diedwhen he discovered the youngster had been brutally murdered.

The five-year-old was で見つかった “severe injuries likened to falling from a great height or ahigh velocitycar crash after being dumped likefly-tipped rubbishin a river.

Ben Mwangi broke down as he opened up about his son's death

Ben Mwangi broke down as he opened up about his son’s deathクレジット: ゲッティ
Logan suffered a catalogue of horrific injuries

Logan suffered a catalogue of horrific injuries

His mum Angharad Williamson, 30, stepdad John Cole, 40, と 14-year-old boy were all found guilty of murder 4月中.

Logan’s dad has now spoken of his torment ahead of the trio’s sentencing at Cardiff Crown Court today.

In an emotional victim impact statement, Ben Mwangi recalled the horrific moment he discovered his son was dead.

彼は言った: “土曜日, 7月 31, 2021 I was at my place of work when police officers came and told me about the death of Logan. They told me that his body had been found in the River Ogmore in the early hours of the morning.

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Logan's killer revealed as 'pure evil' teen who attacked adults, キッズ & 動物


Logan’s killer revealed as ‘pure evilteen who attacked adults, キッズ & 動物

“聞いていたことが信じられませんでした, I felt so confused. I just collapsed on the floor and hit my head. I just felt like every fibre in my body had died and couldn’t stop crying.

I couldn’t understand how something like this could have happened to my son. The rest of the day was a blur as I waited for more information. It was so painful.

The following day I was made aware that Logan’s mother had been arrested on suspicion of his murder. I am just devastated that I couldn’t have been there to protect him.

Ben also told how the past ten months have been “地獄” for him as his past struggles with anxiety were heightened by Logan’s death.





The dad also no longer socialises with pals or goes to busy places as he feels don’t know how to treat him or what to say.

And he tragically revealed his dad died just months after the youngster’s murder after telling him he hadgiven up and was ready to go”.

Ben added: “I can’t sleep and keep experiencing re-occurring nightmares. My dreams of Logan are so vivid.

Logan comes to tell me that he is okay and to check if I’m okay. He runs into my arms and I hold him tight but he then slowly disappears until he’s no longer in my arms. I wake up screaming and crying.

I find it difficult to go back to sleep. I don’t want to go back to sleep because I don’t want to experience these dreams because they are so painful.


Ben also paid tribute to his son, who he described as thesweetest and most beautiful boy”, and revealed he cannot see himself having any more childrenbecause I don’t want something like this to ever happen to me again”.

彼は言った: “The world is a colder and darker place without this warm smile and the happy energy with which he lived his life.

The hole that has been left in the hearts of all who knew him will never be filled. No amount of time can heal the wounds that have been inflicted.

The wonderful memories I have of my son will never be tarnished; they will forever be in my heart and soul.

I loved him so much and somehow I have to live my life knowing that I will never get to see him grow up to be the wonderful man he would have been.

Tragic Logan suffered 56 external injuries to his head, 面, torso arms and legs fromblunt force trauma”.

ザ・ horrific catalogue of injuries included a fractured shoulder, extensive bleeding to the scalp and back of his head and a significant trauma to the brain.

Logan had been so battered even his tongue was bruised but tragically he was still alive for several agonising hours after his liver and bowel were torn.

He was pulled from Ogmore River close to his home in Bridgend, 南ウェールズ, in mis-matched pyjamas in July last year.

Ben had been blocked from seeing Logan by ウィリアムソン 4月中 2019 – around when her relationship with Cole started.

She said the far-Right monster, who had links to the National Front, became obsessed with the idea Williamson was cheating on him with Ben.


During a harrowing trial, jurors were told how Logan had suffered horror abuse leading up to his death.

Witnesses told how Cole inflicted the gruesome torture methods on the youngster from the age of just three.

The abuse included forcing him to do press ups until he was in tears and standing for prolonged periods of time.

If his frail arms collapsed beneath him, Cole would make him get back in position and re-start the timer.

The 6ft 4ins National Front member also branded the youngsterCoco Pop” そして “dehumanisedLogan because of his mixed race heritage.

コール, who has previous convictions for offences including burglary, 彼がドキュメンタリーで取り上げられたTheTinderスキームを始めた場所, witness intimidation, blackmail, 電池, and perverting the course of justice, also carried out other brutal punishments.


Little Logan was made to stand on the stairs for 30 minutes at a time and mum Williamson once used a hot teaspoon to burn his neck.

He also suffered emotional abuse and was blocked from eating takeaway food while his family tucked into KFC.

Logan was referred to social services just months before he died amid fears for his safety.

The youngster had suffered a broken elbow and dislocated collar bone after the teen boy shoved him down the stairs at home.

But Williamson tried to “クロエはファンに「理解するように」と促すためにリッピングしました” the injuries herself instead of taking her son to hospital.

A health visitor said Logan was then referred to Bridgend Council’s social services team and a multi-agency safeguarding hub after finally attending hospital.

But there were missed opportunities to save the youngster, who was stepped down on the child protection register just a month before his murder.

5月 2021, Williamson called a social worker to report Logan hadburned his neck in the bathbut the issue was not taken further.

Logan was murdered at home on July 31 last year before the depraved trio hatched an elaborate charade to cover up his death.

Cole and the teen were chillingly seen on CCTV carrying the youngster’s lifeless body to the river in the early hours of the morning.


I accidentally paid £24k to British Gas… they wouldn't give me my cash back


I accidentally paid £24k to British Gas… they wouldn’t give me my cash back

The 3ft 5ins youngster had been squeezed into a Nike holdall which measured just 2ft 2ins long.

Willamson, Cole and the teen, who all denied murder, will be sentenced later today.

Williamson and Cole will be sentenced on Thursday

Williamson and Cole will be sentenced on Thursdayクレジット: WNS
Logan was horrifically abused before his death

Logan was horrifically abused before his deathクレジット: WNS
Ben had been blocked from seeing his son

Ben had been blocked from seeing his sonクレジット: WNS
Logan was pulled from the River Ogmore near his home

Logan was pulled from the River Ogmore near his homeクレジット: WNS
He was wearing ripped, mis-matched dinosaur pyjamas

He was wearing ripped, mis-matched dinosaur pyjamasクレジット: 不明, ピクチャーデスクでクリア
Williamson tried pinning the blame on everyone around her

Williamson tried pinning the blame on everyone around her