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This Morning’s Alison Hammond fights back the tears as she opens up about her late mum and dad’s death on DNA Journey

ALISON Hammond fought back the tears as she opened up about her late mum and dad’s death on tonight’s episode of DNA Journey.

The 47-year-old lost her beloved parents within months of each other in 2020.

Alison Hammond bravely openly up about her late mum and dad's death tonight on DNA Journey

Alison Hammond bravely openly up about her late mum and dad’s death tonight on DNA Journey
Alison with her mum Maria

Alison with her mum MariaCrédit: Instagram
Alison's dad Clifford died in June 2020

Alison’s dad Clifford died in June 2020Crédit: Des médias sociaux – Se référer à la source

Alison’s mum Maria passed in February 2020 after a battle with liver and lung cancer, and in June her biological dad Clifford died in Jamaica.

Tonight Alison opened up about her heartache on the ITV show this evening.

Alison said: “My mum was diagnosed with cancer.

It was bizarre. Within about two months of my mum passing, my dad had a heart attack and had passed away in Jamaica.

I can speak about it now. Without crying.

Before finding out about her family history, Alison told the camera: “I have questioned where my drive comes from.

Why want to work so hard and why I don’t rest so much.

I would be interested to know where that drive comes from, I know it comes from my mum, but where did she get it from?”

En février 14 2020, Alison told fans that she had laid her mum to rest.

Sharing the heartfelt post, elle a écrit: “Today I dedicate Valentine’s Day to my beautiful , wonderful Mother Maria who passed away from liver and lung cancer.

Yesterday my family and I celebrated her amazing life and laid her to rest in a beautiful ceremony she would have been proud of.

Thank you mummy for giving me the strength to move forward in the knowledge that your ok and with God in Heaven now. I will always remember you and try and make you proud. I love you mum.

She also wrote on Twitter: “RIP my best friend and Living Angel please come to my dreams.

Four months later Alison broke the news that her biological father’s death.

Sharing a picture of her father, Alison told fans: “This is my real Dad Clifford Hammond who passed away last week in Jamaica.

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I’m saddened that I won’t be able to make his funeral and saddened that he wasn’t part of my life as much as I would have liked but I still have a sense of loss and emptiness.

Sleep well Daddy, love leaves a memory no on can steal . RIP.