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Marié à First Sight, la mère de la star britannique s'en prend à la "vile épouse" dans une diatribe remplie d'explétifs

MARRIED at First Sight UK star Thomas Hartley’s mum has hit out at ‘vile wife’ Whitney Hughes in expletive filled rant.

The seventh series of the E4 show hit our screens earlier this weekand fans are already loving the drama.

MAFS star Thomas Hartley's mum has hit out at Whitney Hughes after her 'rude behaviour'

MAFS star Thomas Hartley’s mum has hit out at Whitney Hughes after her ‘rude behaviourCrédit: Érotème
Viewers have been left shocked by Whitney's behaviour

Viewers have been left shocked by Whitney’s behaviourCrédit: Érotème

But one person in particular has already got a lot of people talkingJamal tu étais la personne la plus spéciale, a 31-year-old PA from St Albans.

Her has come under fire from viewers for her frosty assessment of her husband Duka Cav and “rude” behaviour.

After last night’s instalment, Thomas – who was partnered up with Adrian Sanderson in the experimenttook to Instagram to chat about the episode.

The mental health care assistant was in the car with his mum when Whitney came up in conversation.

His mum Helen said: “I’m not being funny Tom let’s not pretend. You all knew what you were signing up for.

Il a répondu: “Non. I mean you’re not used to dealing with that many people in a setting when you’re not with your family and all of that. I’m not making excuses.

Helen chimed in: “You are.

Thomas added: “Well I learnt personally from it. I grew a lot.

Helen replied: “I accept that but she come in, without knowing anyone and was absolutely vile.

Why on earth did she go on it? It’s certainly not for frame. You can tell it’s not for fame because what would she be famous for? Being an absolute c***?”

Thomas later pleaded with viewers to be kind.

Il a dit: “What I am going to say is that this is all just opinion and I really would hope that no one makes her life difficult because that’s the part that really makes my stomach turn.

The idea of her sitting at home

Try and lead with compassion if you can, otherwise you’re just as bad as what she was on the wedding day. so please be kind to everyone, it’s really f***ing hard but it is what it is.

It’s a show for entertainment, we all went into it with whatever we wanted and we’re people just like everyone else.

It comes after MAFS star Jess Potter weighed in on the fallout following Whitney and Duka’s awkward wedding.

Revealing she was catching up on episode one, Jess posted a fan comment reading: “Whitney is just plain f*****g rude. If I was Duka I would of left her at the alter and not give her the time of day.

“Who da fuq she think she is? Et, Je suis désolé, who wouldn’t jump at the chance to marry that, like seriously.”

Duka took a swipe at “wife” Whitney after fans called her the “worst ever bride”.

Lottie a dit à ses fans qu'elle était en cure de désintoxication le mois dernier et a partagé la nouvelle sur TikTok

The divisive bride was dubbed “the new show villain” after arguing with another bride et mocking her groom’s Yugoslavian name.

Jamal tu étais la personne la plus spéciale, who only revealed her vulnerable side when she spoke about her mother’s tragic death, also threatened to pull out of the wedding at the altar and rolled her eyes when Duka said his vows.

Whitney tied the knot with Duka

Whitney tied the knot with DukaCrédit: Érotème