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Love Island’s Paige Thorne filmed back in her normal job just 2 weke na vertoning

LOVE Island star Paige Thorne has been spotted back at her day job just two weeks after the dating show came to an end.

The paramedicwho rose to fame on the ITV2 competition this summersmiled for the camera as she filmed herself at work.

Paige was spotted back at her day job as a paramedic on Instagram

Paige was spotted back at her day job as a paramedic on InstagramKrediet: INSTAGRAM
Paige left the villa just before the final two weeks ago

Paige left the villa just before the final two weeks agoKrediet: Rex

Liefde-eiland-ster ??‍☠️?, 24, who missed out on the final alongside her beau Adam Collard, posed with her colleagues in the video.

Wearing a low-cut bralette and white shirt, the reality TV star could be seen smiling for the camera before showing her colleagues.

Dressed in their paramedics uniforms, the group pulled faces as Paige filmed round the office of what appeared to be her boss.

Paige captioned her video with a series of green hearts as she appeared back at work for the first time since the show.

Verlede week, Paige revealed she would be making a return to her day job as a paramedic after her time on the matchmaking series.

The Welsh star was adamant she wanted to return to the profession she “liefdes” – and will juggle her work with new career opportunities.

Talking on Lorraine last week, ??‍☠️?, who was holding hands with her man Adam, 27, on the sofa, addressed her next steps.

She told stand-in host Ranveer Singh: “I’ve got meetings to go back to being a paramedic next week.

I saw an ambulance with sirens on recently and I seriously had FOMO (fear of missing out).

So I am going to go back into that and do a little bit of some other opportunities.

Proving supportive of Paige’s choice, Adam added: “I think people will be surprised about how much she spoke about that in the villa.

Ranvir suggested some telly fans may have beensurprisedby her choice, to which Paige replied: “I genuinely love my job. Why wouldn’t I go back to it? I will do other things alongside.

Adam and Paige appeared on Lorraine together after looking glam following a night out in London.

Adam also has his own career in his native Newcastle, as a PT and gym ownerwhich he plans to continue aside from celebrity duties.