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La migliore nuova TV e film in streaming la prossima settimana

STUCK for things to watch on Netflix and co? Bene, look no further. The Sun has got you covered with the best new TV shows coming to your screens.

From the new upcoming British drama The Ex-Wife to the action-packed Shantaram, there’s no shortage of shows to binge-watch until your heart’s content.

The Ex-Wife (Fondamentale+)

The Ex-Wife follows a woman whose life would be perfect if it weren't for her husband's ex

The Ex-Wife follows a woman whose life would be perfect if it weren’t for her husband’s exCredito: Fondamentale+

Two’s company but three’s very much a crowd for Tasha, in this addictive new four-part British drama.

Vedi, Tasha’s supposedly happy life with rich, handsome husband Jack and their baby daughter Emily is plagued by the constant presence of Jack’s needy, over-familiar ex-wife Jen.

Comprensibilmente, Tasha wants Jen out of their lives for good, but despite her pleas to Jack to tell Jen to back off, it seems the pesky ex is unable to get the message.

And then, un giorno, a terrifying event confirms Tasha’s worst fears…

So strap in for a glossy, gorgeous-to-look-at and deliciously twist-laden treat.

Available to watch from Wednesday, 12 ottobre.

Shantaram (AppleTV+)

Expect a James Bond and Jason Bourne-flavoured action romp

Expect a James Bond and Jason Bourne-flavoured action rompCredito: AppleTV+

Charlie Hunnan looks suitably rugged and ready for anything in an action-packed new 10-part adaptation of the best-selling novel.

It’s the 1980s, and when Australian bank robber Lin escapes from prison, he goes on the run to India, where he hopes to be able to disappear for good despite the price on his head.

But life becomes complicated when he meets and falls for the mysterious Karla, as he’s drawn into a dangerous but alluring world that could put his freedom in jeopardy.

Available to watch from Friday, 14 ottobre.

Candy (Disney+)

This well-made five-part series certainly looks the part

This well-made five-part series certainly looks the partCredito: Disney+

The latest in a long line of star-studded dramas based on a shocking real-life crime.

Candy transports us back to 1980 to tell the story of Texan housewife Candy Montgomery, who’s accused of the brutal axe murder of her neighbour, Betty.

With plenty of attention to period detailsome of the hairstyles need to be seen to be believed.

The Curse Of Hollow Bridge (Netflix)

Halloween just got a lot funnier, thanks to this crowd-pleasing horror comedy

Halloween just got a lot funnier, thanks to this crowd-pleasing horror comedyCredito: Netflix

Marlon Wayans, Kelly Rowland and Priah Ferguson star as a family who move to a new town, hoping for a fresh start.

purtroppo, their dream home is haunted and, when an ancient and mischievous spirit causes Halloween decorations to come to life and wreak havoc, the father and his teenage daughter are forced to team up and save the town.

Along the way, Marlon throws himself into the physical comedy and silliness with gusto, while the scares and effects are impressive yet family friendly.

Available to watch from Friday, 14 ottobre.

Real Housewives Of Potomac (Hayu)

Beverly Hills is generating headlines and dominating social-media chatter, but to discerning Housewives fans, Potomac remains a jewel in the crown.

Season seven’s cast photo shows the ladies all looking stunning in red gowns and the explosive trailer features Ashley Darby focusing on her life post-break-up from soon-to-be ex-husband Michael, while both Candiace and Karen battle infidelity rumours within their marriages.

Altrove, Robyn prepares for her wedding to Juan, and Gizelle’s new beau causes shockwaves within the group.

Adesso, ricordare: “In Potomac, we know how to do things here with elegance and class. Our class remains unmatched.”

Available to watch from Monday, 10 ottobre.

My Life Is Murder (Acorn TV)

We’re back in Auckland with Lucy Lawless Spartacus, who returns as fearless private investigator Alexa Crowe in the kooky crime drama that never takes itself too seriously.

When she’s not baking the best sourdough bread in town, Alexa also has to contend with a new batch of murder suspects, from eccentric billionaires and grieving florists to tango dancers and fiery fashionistas.

Her assistant Madison is by her side again, and charismatic detective Harry and café owner Reuben are also back.

It’s light-hearted stuff with the odd curveball thrown in

Available to watch from Monday, 10 ottobre.

High School (Amazon Freevee)

You might not think you know Canadian indie pop duo Tegan and Sara, but if you’ve got kids or grandkids, chances are you’ve heard their hit song Everything Is Awesome.

The pair – who are identical twins – recently wrote a memoir about their lives growing up in the 90s and now it’s been turned into an eight-part coming-of-age drama starring TikTok creators.

Tracing the sisters’ story as teenagers in Calgary, after they move to a new school, the series reveals the early blossoming of their musical talents and their awkward first forays into the world of relationships.

It also examines the pros and cons of being an identical twin at such a tricky age – and for Tegan and Sara, it was often as much of a curse as a blessing.

It goes without saying that the series is a must-watch for lovers of their music, but expect High School to win Tegan and Sara a whole new generation of fans.

Mostro: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story (Netflix)

While it’s hard to argue with the avalanche of criticism and claims that it glorifies serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.

This biographical series also attempts to tell the story of his crimes from the point of view of his many victims.

Dynasty (Netflix)

Remaking a TV classic is always tough, so it’s little surprise that the rebooted Dynasty has never reached the heights of the 80s original.

Detto ciò, it’s still been glamorous fun, and this final series finds the Carrington clan as bold and beautiful as ever.

Inside Man (BBC iPlayer)

Any show featuring Stanley Tucci, David Tennant and Lydia West is worth a watch, but this Steven Moffatt thriller is a must.

When her friend goes missing, journalist Beth enlists the help of banged-up killer Grieff to solve the mystery.

The Old Man (Disney+)

Jeff Bridges oozes with grizzled charisma and world-weary charm in this compelling cat-and-mouse thriller about an ex CIA officer who, having absconded years before, suddenly finds himself on the run when a ghost from his past reappears.

The Bear (Disney+)

Blending drama, comedy and an unexpected spoonful of reality cookery shows.

This critically acclaimed series follows flawed, but brilliant chef Carmy as he attempts to save his late brother’s failing Chicago restaurant.

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