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The Traitors viewers slam ‘fakecontestant in tense finale

THE Traitors viewers have branded one of the finalists ‘fakeafter a telltale moment in the closing minutes of the final.

Fans de la gripping BBC show felt Traitor Wilf was being false when he burst into tears and said he was “tan feliz” for the faithfulseven though they banished him and he left with nothing.

Wilf burst into tears when he was banished

Wilf burst into tears when he was banishedCrédito: BBC
Hannah was stunned by pal Wilf's big reveal

Hannah was stunned by pal Wilf’s big revealCrédito: BBC

Wilf was exposed after the last-standing Faithfuls smelt a rat after Traitor Kieran have them aparting giftby voting for Wilf before he was banished.

This made Hannah, Aaron and Meryl suspicious and ultimately led to Wilf being rumbled at the last minute.

While he put up a good fight, after he knew he has been banished, Wilf confessed to being a Traitor and revealed he has found itreally hardwhile fighting back tears.

But while he told his stunned fellow players and friends that he was over the moon for them, many viewers didn’t buy it.

Wilf put on a great fake response to losing!” one tweeted.


Otro agregado: “OMG these dumbass players. Even after he literally almost stole all the money from you, he’s still fooling you with his fake emotions. Bien hecho, Kieran!! You did everything correctly. Certainly not a p***k in my eyes, that’s Wilf.

And a fourth echoed: “WOW fake as f*** to the very end . Bye Wilfred.

En el final, the Faithfuls eliminated all Traitors, meaning they got to split the prize money between the three of them.

Hannah, Aaron and Meryl left the Scottish Highlands with a third of the prize fund, bagging £33,000 each.

The show has become a word-of-mouth hit over the last month, with many praising itthe best show on TV”.

Another said it wasthe greatest show the BBC has done in years.

Even host Claudia couldn't contain her emotions in the dramatic final moments

Even host Claudia couldn’t contain her emotions in the dramatic final momentsCrédito: BBC