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Spoilers de Emmerdale: Amelia Spencer makes heartfelt tribute to Harriet Finch

RESIDENTS of the Dales are still reeling following PC Harriet Finch’s death amid a huge storm.

La próxima semana, Emmerdale villagers gather round for a final goodbye and Amelia Spencer pays her respect in a touching way.

Amelia pays tribute to Harriet Finch during her funeral

Amelia pays tribute to Harriet Finch during her funeralCrédito: ITV
Villagers gather round to pay their respects

Villagers gather round to pay their respectsCrédito: ITV
And Dan is completely heartbroken

And Dan is completely heartbrokenCrédito: ITV

Actriz Katherine Dow Blyton bowed out of the ITV soap after her character spent nine years in the eponymous village.

The former vicar of St Mary’s Church was killed off amid storm week in a quad bike crash.

Harriet left a handful of heartbroken villagers behind, including her partner, Dan Spencer (jugado por Liam Fox).

In scenes due to air next week, Harriet’s funeral takes place in the presence of her loved ones which include her daughter figure Dawn Taylor (Olivia Bromley).

But Dan is especially moved when his own daughter, Amelia, delivers a heartfelt speech in honour of Harriet.

The teen portrayed by Daisy Campbell recently gave birth to a premature baby after being stuck out in the storm.

Harriet Finch was one of multiple villagers to take action in trying to find her and bring her to safety.

The policewoman took her quad bike while her rival Kim Tate rode on horseback in the countryside.

Kim had been warned by Lydia Dingle that a heavily pregnant Amelia was lost in the wilderness after she attempted to meet up with Noah Dingle for a picnic date.

Emmerdale fans were shocked when Amelia revealed her baby’s name as they expected a tribute to Harriet.

During a recent instalment of the Yorkshire-based drama, she told her father Dan that she had decided to name her daughter Esther.


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Harriet wasn’t the only villager to meet her maker during Emmerdale’s anniversary week.

Before drama could pick up a pace, Faith Dingle ended her life, determined to not let her cancer take over.

Liv Flaherty, on the hand, breathed her last next to her husband Vinny after the pair were both crushed by a caravan.

mientras tanto, ahead of Harriet’s funeral, her daughter Dawn finds out shocking news and her ex Alex will be making life even more difficult for her once again.

Emmerdale airs from Monday to Friday at 7.30pm on ITV.

Dawn Taylor is grieving for her mother figure

Dawn Taylor is grieving for her mother figureCrédito: ITV
Kim and her father Will take a stand when a blackmailer makes an appearance

Kim and her father Will take a stand when a blackmailer makes an appearanceCrédito: ITV