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I was fined for driving in a bus lane marked ‘gate’ – what does that mean

A DRIVER has slammed the council for beingtotally unfairafter he received a fine for driving through abus gate”.

He said there wasn’t any clear signs and any motorist who isn’t familiar with the area wouldn’t know what to do.

An angry has slammed the council after he received a fine for driving through a "bus gate".

An angry has slammed the council after he received a fine for driving through abus gate”.Krediet: Facebook

The frustrated driver posted on Facebook: “I know I’ve moaned about this before but this is my 2nd Brighton ‘Bus Gateticket and I really do think it’s totally unfair and an absolute money-making scam for the council.

With my sat nav telling me to go straight-on, with the car in-front going straight-on, no clear red bus lane, no white line to cross, and a different colour paving on the leftapparently what I should have done here is notice the tiny sign post and known whatBus Gatemeans (even though it’s not in the Highway Code) and I should have done a left on to what looks like the pavement?”

A bus gate is a short section of road which only buses and authorised vehicles can go through and isshown by appropriate signage”, according to Brighton & Hove City Council.

Only buses, cycles, private hire vehicles, taxis and exempt emergency vehicles can drive in through the bus gates.

Any other vehicle that enters a bus gate will receive a fine of £60 which is reduced to £30 if paid within 14 dae.

Unlike bus lanes, bus gates are not covered in the Highway Code.

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The driver continued: “I really don’t see how they can expect any normal driver who doesn’t know the area to go left there?

It’s an absolute scam and Brighton & Hove City Council should be ashamed of themselves.

Many people showed their support in the comments section, met een gesegde “What the f*** is a bus gate? Besides if you haven’t driven through an unbroken white line it never happened.

Still got no idea what you actually done wrong here,” another person wrote.

A third one said: “I drove up there in my truck the first time. Agreed, The signage is c**p.

It was previously reported that Brighton & Hove City Council council issued 9,618 bus gate fines in October last year – wat is 310 a day on average.

A petition calling for the council to withdraw and refund the bus gate fines has received nearly 1000 signatures. It also says the council should stop issuing new fines until the signage is made clearer.

A council spokesperson said: “Bus lanes in the city are there for a number of important reasons. They’re clearly marked and there is plenty of signage that fits exactly the requirements of the department of transport. However we’ve recently agreed to put in yet more signage.

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“Most cities in the UK have bus lanes. They ensure public transport can run efficiently, make the city safer for pedestrians and help reduce the number of cars in the city by making bus travel a good travel option. We have contacted the sat nav companies to ask them to programme the bus gates into their routes.

“Much of the money from the fines is spent on providing free bus passes for older and disabled people.”