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Drivers warned simple mistakes this November lead to fines of up to £2,500

DRIVERS have been warned that simple mistakes this November could lead to fines between £500 and £2,500.

With ice, [object Window], fog and pioggia battente, driving in winter demands more from motorists meaning they should be extra careful.

According to official data, 13% of serious collisions involve bad weather

According to official data, 13% of serious collisions involve bad weatherCredito: Immagini Getty

Motoring experts at comparison website Compare The Market have offered drivers a list of driving tips that they should be aware of during winter.

The first of those is it’s important to remember you can be fined heavily for improperly defrosting your car.

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Many drivers start their engines and head back inside, allowing their cars to warm up and de-ice from the comfort of their home.

tuttavia, experts say leaving your car unattended for too long could lead to a fine of up to £801 and you also leave it open to thieves.

You should also make sure that you are not wearing something that impedes proper control of the vehicle such as gloves, wellies or heels.

The maximum fine for this is £1,000.

Everyone wears a coat in winter, but drivers should avoid big and bulky winter coats because it limits movement.

According to Comparethemarket, if the police catch you wearing a coat that could impact your driving ability, you can also be fined £1,000.

When it’s icy or snowy, drivers need to be aware of the importance of having their mirrors clear, their lights clean and their number plates perfectly visible.

Forgetting to clear the frost from the window can cost drivers a £2,500 fine and three penalty points.

Julie Daniels from the car insurance team at Comparethemarket disse: “It’s essential that drivers stick to the rules of the road all year round, but staying alert and in control of the vehicle is especially important during winter, where the colder weather can present additional hazards.

High heels can impede a driver's control of a car and could result in a fine

High heels can impede a driver’s control of a car and could result in a fineCredito: Immagini Getty

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