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iPhone de alto secreto 14 'filtrado’ mientras el teléfono de prueba revela un acabado púrpura brillante

APPLE will unveil the latest iPhone in just over a week, and it appears fans will have an eye-catching new colourway to choose from.

An unverified video posted to social media shows what looks like an iPhone 14dummy unitwith a shimmering finish.

A video posted to social media appears to show a purple version of Apple's upcoming iPhone 14

A video posted to social media appears to show a purple version of Apple’s upcoming iPhone 14
En el clip, the high-end smartphone changes colour depending on the angle you're looking at it

En el clip, the high-end smartphone changes colour depending on the angle you’re looking at it

As someone holding the device turns it in their hand, the casing appears to change colour as it catches the light.

It quickly swaps from what looks like a navy blue hue to purple, glimmering in the sun.

The video was posted to Twitter by @DuanRui after it went viral on Chinese social media platform Weibo last week.

They said that the purple colour only appears when you hold the smartphone at certain angles.

It’s not clear how the person in the video got hold of the device, which remains closely under wraps ahead of its launch.

Apple hasn’t confirmed that it is releasing an iPhone 14 but has announced that its annual September event will take place on the 7.

The tech giant typically unveils the latest iPhone during the event, which is held at its sprawling Cupertino campus.

En total, four new models are expected to be announced. They will likely hit shelves in late September.

Ahead of the event, leaks have been ramping up in quantity and quality – including the appearance of iPhonedummy units”.

These are sent out to third-party manufacturers to help them build screen protectors, cases and more in time for launch.

They have the same casing as the final product without any of the guts. Photos and videos of dummy units frequently leak in the lead-up to a phone’s launch.

It’s unclear how or where the person in the video got hold of the stripped-back device in the video.

It’s impossible to verify whether the dummy unit is real or a clever fake.

If it is real, this wouldn’t be the first time a smartphone maker has employed a colour-changing design.

Honor’s View 20, por ejemplo, boasted a vibrant, V-shaped gradient that caught the light at different angles.

Huawei, China’s biggest smartphone maker, has brought out a number of eye-catching, shimmering devices of its own.

Rival tech giant Vivo, por otra parte, has confirmed that it is working on a phone that can change colour on demand.

The gadget will come withelectrochromic glasson the back that alters the hue of its casing with the push of a button.

Rumours have circled for months that Apple is working on a purple version of the next iPhone.

The company is also expected to release the device in more traditional black and white shades.

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