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Celeb SAS’s AJ Pritchard breaks down in tears over ex’s fireball accident

CELEBRITY SAS star AJ Pritchard broke down in tears on tonight’s show as he recalled ex-girlfriend Abbie Quinnen’s horror fireball accident that left her in intensive care.

The emotional scenes were filmed before AJ stunned dancer Abbie by dumping her for influencer and model Zara Zoffany.

AJ Pritchard broke down in tears on tonight's Celebrity SAS

AJ Pritchard broke down in tears on tonight’s Celebrity SASAnerkennung: C4
AJ Pritchard recently dumped Abbie Quinnen 'out of the blue'

AJ Pritchard recently dumped Abbie Quinnen ‘out of the blueAnerkennung: Tim Stewart
Abbie left AJ a heartfelt message on Celebrity SAS

Abbie left AJ a heartfelt message on Celebrity SAS

In a late night interrogation by the former military hardmen Billy Billingham and Jason Fox, AJ said the fireball accidentmade us stronger.”

Er fügte hinzu: “I made a big mistake. I was trying to turn a wine bottle into a vase to put flowers in for my girlfriend. It got her hair extensions, her gym top — she was in a fireball. I put her in a situation where she had to be hospitalised in intensive care for five or six days.

“You question a lot of things… Why? Was? I will never get rid of this picture of her lying on the ground and burning.”

Ex Strictly star AJ dumped his girlfriend after she caught him texting another woman, The Sun on Sunday revealed.

Abbie said they discussed marriage days before he announced “out of the blue” that he did not love her.

Dancer Abbie, 25, tearfully revealed: “I’m completely devastated and my world has fallen apart.

“AJ isn’t the person I thought he was. After everything I went through with him I thought we would be together for ever. He has been the biggest disappointment to me.

“This has knocked my confidence after my accident and I need to rebuild myself now. AJ was my world and I didn’t recognise the guy who was breaking up with me.

“I kept asking him about the girl from the messages, but from the moment I brought her up he completely changed.”

Abbie insists everything was normal until he flew to South America last month for Kanal 5 reality show The Challenge, where he appears alongside Zara.

Abbie said: “A few weeks back AJ and I went on a romantic holiday to Turkey, it was so lovely.

“We’ve always been madly in love. We spent every moment together possible. We had so many plans.

We were talking about getting engaged next year, looking at buying houses, how many children we wanted, which schools they’d go to.

That’s why when it happened it came completely out of the blue.

“AJ was nervous about going away to film as he wasn’t able to prepare for it as much as other ones he had done like I’m A Celebrity and Celebrity SAS.

“Before he left we had a really emotional goodbye. We hugged for hours and shed tears.

“I knew we weren’t going to see each other for three weeks so I went on holiday with my family.

“At first we were FaceTiming every day, like normal, then he had the phone taken away from him to do the TV show.

“In the meantime I was having an amazing holiday with my family, I was finally feeling confident in my bikini around my family and friends, which felt amazing as since the accident my confidence had taken a major knock.

“I was missing AJ lots, but knew he’d be focused on the show and doing amazingly, like he always did on these things.

“When he eventually got his phone back he seemed different. He wasn’t calling as much and seemed distracted. A couple of days later he came home, it was the Queen’s funeral so we went into London to lay some flowers. We had quite a nice day together.

“We got home and watched Ferne McCann’s First Time Mum, it was the episode where her fiancé Lorri Haines proposed to her. Then we started talking about how he would do our own proposal.

Then I noticed he was on his phone quite a bit and that he was messaging a girl who had been on the show with him.

“I only caught a glimpse of the message but it was along the lines of,

‘I need to talk to you, can we meet tomorrow?’

“I just questioned him asking, ‘Why are you messaging her?’ and from that moment on he was completely cold with me. It was so odd, he couldn’t give me any answers.

He kept saying he didn’t have a clear brain, he couldn’t make any decisions and didn’t know if he wanted to be with me any more.

“I thought we were madly in love and in the space of a few hours he was messaging someone else and my world was turned upside down.

“I couldn’t believe it as we have so many plans. I was shaking and crying and he went grey.”

The next few days were a blur for Abbie as she moved into the spare room and lived in an “awkward” silence.

AJ announced he would stay at his family’s home in Stoke-on-Trent for a few days to gather his thoughts.

Abbie went to stay with her family in Guildford, Surrey, and had an agonising wait until he finally messaged her saying he needed to talk.

They met on a park bench in Cobham, Surrey.

Abbie recalled: “He was completely emotionless and ended everything. He told me he no longer loved me and didn’t want to be with me any more.

Der Rat ist befugt, einen Fall vor das Amtsgericht zu bringen, wenn er entscheidet, dass es sich um eine gesetzlich vorgeschriebene Belästigung handelt

After ­everything we had been through together as a couple I thought that he would at least be upset that we were parting.

“He was acting as if I was a stranger. It was so hurtful and it broke my heart how cold he was. I was baffled and still am.”

AJ's new woman Zara Zoffany is a 27 year-old model and influencer

AJ’s new woman Zara Zoffany is a 27 year-old model and influencer