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A las empresas rusas se les PROHIBE el uso de libras y dólares si Putin invade Ucrania

PRIME Minister Boris Johnson has issued a further thunderous attack on Vladimir Putin, threatening to cut off Russian firmsaccess to US and UK markets if he orders a Ukrainian invasion.

Hablando con la BBC, la PM warned that we are potentially facing the biggest conflict in Europe since the end of World War Two.

Boris Johnson has threatened to cut off Russian firms' access to pounds and dollars

Boris Johnson has threatened to cut off Russian firmsaccess to pounds and dollars
Vladimir Putin accuses the West of trying to lure Russia into war with Ukraine

Vladimir Putin accuses the West of trying to lure Russia into war with UkraineCrédito: AFP

The plan that we are seeing is for something that could be really the biggest war in Europe since 1945 just in terms of sheer scale,” él dijo.

Johnson warned Putin that any ruso sanctions in the wake of an invasion of Ucrania would go far further than previously suggested.

He said the UK and the US would stop Russian companiestrading in pounds and dollarsin a move that wouldhit very, muy duro”.

The Prime Minister said: “We have to accept at the moment that Vladimir Putin is possibly thinking illogically about this”.

Asked on BBC One’s Sunday Morning Programme about the difficulty of taking actions against Russia because of warnings that Russians with links to President Putin are integrated in to the UK business and social scene, Boris Johnson said: “We are making sure that we open up the Russian doll of property ownership, of company ownership, in London and see who’s behind everything. And we’ve got to do it and we’ve got to hit very hard.

He acknowledgedthat may not be enough on its own”, agregando “it will be very damaging and very difficult”, pero “it may not be enough to deter an irrational actor”.

Johnson dijo: “We have to accept at the moment that Vladimir Putin is possibly thinking illogically about this and doesn’t see the disaster ahead.

I think it’s vital for us all now to get over what a catastrophe it would be for Russia.

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Britain has already threatened to block Russian companies from raising capital in London and to expose property and company ownership in the event of an invasion.

Russia continues to deny it plans to annex eastern Ukraine, and Putin has claimed the West is trying to lure Russia after ignoring the Kremlin’s concerns about NATO expansion.

Hasta 200,000 Russian troops are massed along the Ukrainian border.

Any blocking of Russian companiesaccess to dollar markets could hit the Kremlin hard, given the country is one of the world’s top exporters of oil, gas, and metals, which are largely priced and settled in US dollars.
Putin has repeatedly called for reducing his country’s reliance on the US dollar trade.

En 2019, Russia’s largest oil company Rosneft successfully switched the currency of its contracts from dollars to euros to shield its transactions from US sanctions.

Since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, London has become the destination of choice for Russian and ex-Soviet oligarchs, with hundreds of billions of dollars flowing into the UK and British overseas territories.
Western intelligence services have warned Putin may order an unconventional attack on Ukraine, forcing the West’s hand on imposing further Russian sanctions.

In that situation, the reality is that it would be more difficult to call exactly when a line had been crossed,” the official said. “When we judge that Russia crossed a line on thisthen we need to act quickly and at scale in terms of our sanctions response.

It comes as the Home Secretary Priti Patel and GCHQ have both warned Britain is at increasing risk of cyber attacks from Russia.

Companies and public services have been urged to takepre-emptive measuresto defend themselves against an attack.

Britain’s tough rhetoric against Russia in recent days, incluso Boris Johnson’s warning to Putin that he faces decades ofbloodshed and miseryif he invades Ukraine, is believed to have made us a potential target for a cyber attack.

Escribiendo en El Telégrafo, Lindy Cameron, head of GCHQ’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) warned of aheightened cyber threat” y agregado: “Cyber attacks do not respect geographic boundaries”.

In recent days, GCHQ director Jeremy Fleming has briefed the heads of key national infrastructure organisationssuch as communications, comida, and utility companiesto strengthen their cyber defences as tensions increase over Ukraine.

The warnings highlight fears in Whitehall about British organisations being targeted by the Kremlin.

El viernes, the Foreign Office published a report saying it wasalmost certainthat Russia’s military intelligence service the GRU was involved in cyber attacks on two Ukrainian banks last week.

Ms Cameron said that while there was currently no evidence of the UK being specifically targeted, “the UK is closer to the crisis in Ukraine than you might thinkIf the situation continues to escalate, we could see cyber attacks that have international consequences, intentional or not”.

Primer ministro Boris Johnson has warned as much in a speech this weekend, dicho: “This crisis extends into every domain, which is why the UK is providing NATO with more land, sea, and air forces.

And it is because we feared a crisis like this that we were already engaged in the biggest increase in defence investment for a generation, spread across conventional capabilities and the new technologies that are ever more important to our collective defence.

mientras tanto, Priti Patel has warned: “We are already seeing an escalation of Russian information operations clearly intended to provide a pretext for military action against Ukraine, and we should expect to see more of this as the crisis develops, including information warfare and cyber attacks aimed at the West.

Hasta 200,000 Russian troops are reported to be massed on Ukraine’s border.

Ayer, como Putin watched on, Russia unleashed hypersonic and nuclear missiles in a fresh display of military muscle.

The air, land, and sea-based nuclear missile drills followed an escalation of shelling in eastern Ukraine, fuelling fears that Russia is about to launch a full-scale invasion.

En sábado, footage released by Russia’s government showed Putin and his ally, Belarusian president Alexander Lukashenko, watching the launch of intercontinental and hypersonic ballistic missiles from a control room in the Kremlin.

The drills are held annually, but usually in the autumn, and follow a four-month build-up of tensions between Kyiv and Moscow.