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Spoiler su Emmerdale: Mandy Dingle tende una trappola per la ricattatrice Sandra Flaherty

SANDRA Flaherty is willing to stoop to all kinds of lows to get her hands on some money.

tuttavia, Mandy Dingle is on to her and the Emmerdale beautician played by Lisa Riley hatches a plan to expose her.

Mandy Dingle is hellbent on catching Sandra Flaherty red-handed

Mandy Dingle is hellbent on catching Sandra Flaherty red-handedCredito: ITV
The troublemaker has stolen from the salon

The troublemaker has stolen from the salonCredito: ITV
But she's also blackmailing Rishi Sharma

But she’s also blackmailing Rishi SharmaCredito: ITV

ITV viewers were the first ones to believe Sandra (giocato da Joanne Mitchell) didn’t have good intentions when she rocked up the eponymous village.

But after stealing from the tip jar at Mandy’s salon, the scheming character trapped Rishi Sharma (Bhasker Patel) into giving her money by spending the night with him after luring him in through a dating app.

In arrivo, she continues to blackmail Rishi over their illicit rendezvous, desperate for more cash and using his insecurities to get what she wants.

Nel frattempo, Mandy confides in Bernice Blackstock about her suspicions of Sandra.

When money went missing in her salon, Mandy began to suspect Sandra may be responsible for the theft but had been unable to prove it.

She tried to set up a security system in the hopes of catching Sandra in some mischief.

La prossima settimana, tuttavia, the beautician comes up with another plan to prove Sandra isn’t one to be trusted.

When she showed up in the Dales, Sandra turned to her estranged daughter Liv, whom she hadn’t seen in a year.

Sandra claimed she was ready to get the help she needed for her drinking problem but Vinny was reluctant to give her a chance.

This was only made worse when a friend of Sandra’s called Terry arrived in the village asking for money.

Liv paid him off, sending him on his way, but it was later revealed that Terry and Sandra were working together to get as much money as they needed.


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Sandra was then pushed to work at Mandy’s salon to get the regular income she may need to set her life back on track.

Ma, as mentioned above, that didn’t stop her from taking advantage of a lonely Rishi Sharma who has been trying to find love since his former wife Manpreet put an end to their marriage.

Will Mandy’s plan work?

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Could Sandra ever be exposed?

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Mandy is convinced Sandra can't be trusted

Mandy is convinced Sandra can’t be trustedCredito: ITV
Will the thief be exposed?

Will the thief be exposed?Credito: ITV