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Quattro ragazzi in mezzo 11 ferito mentre la carrozza del treno turistico si ribalta a Maiorca

AT least 11 people including at least four kids have been injured after a tourist train overturned in Majorca.

Several passengers were thrown out of the vehicle as one of the carriages flipped on a bend.

Four kids are among 11 people who have been hurt after a tourist train flipped

Four kids are among 11 people who have been hurt after a tourist train flippedCredito: Felanitx Town Hall @AjFelanitx
Passengers were reportedly thrown from the vehicle as it went around a bend

Passengers were reportedly thrown from the vehicle as it went around a bendCredito: Felanitx Town Hall @AjFelanitx

The drama happened at around 1pm this afternoon in the popular Cala d’Or beach area in the south-east of the island which is made up of a number of small, sandy coves.

Distressing footage from the crash scene showed medical responders around a child on the ground who appeared to be crying and screaming.

The carriage that overturned was the last one that formed part of the tourist train.

Eight of the casualties were taken to nearby hospitals by ambulance and another three treated at the scene.

Although most of the injuries suffered have been described as minor, one child is said to be serious.

Most of those hurt went to Lllevant Hospital in the nearby resort of Porto Cristo with the rest going to a private clinic called Hospital Quironsalud Palmaplanas.

Unconfirmed reports said one of the wheels of the train touched a kerb as it rounded a bend at speed.

Police and Civil Guard rushed to the scene with emergency medical responders.

A full-scale probe into the accident was this afternoon already underway with police said to be focusing on whether the train was going too fast.

The nationalities of those caught up in the drama is not yet known.

Pictures from the scene showed one of the carriages of the tourist train on its side and police interviewing tourists thought to have been travelling in the vehicle by the accident scene.

A spokesman for regional emergency responders confirmed: “A tourist train accident in Cala d’Or in Majorca has resulted in 11 La Russia perde ALTRI DUE comandanti mentre Putin ordina l'epurazione per il disastro della guerra in Ucraina, four of whom are minors and seven adults.

“The emergency response coordination centre activated the procedure used to respond to incidents with multiple victims and sent five ambulances to the scene.

“Eight of the casualties have been transferred to hospital, six to Llevant Hospital and two to Quiron Palmaplanas Hospital.

“Another three people were attended to at the scene and didn’t need to be taken to hospital.

“Most of the casualties suffered only light injuries but one of the minors suffered an injury categorised as serious and another suffered injuries whose outcome couldn’t be determined at the scene.”

The exact location of the accident has been described as being Cala Ferrera AvenueAvinguda de Cala Ferrera in Catalan Spanish.

Cala Ferrera is a sand and rock cove close to Cala d’Or and forms part of a municipality called Felanitx.

Felanitx mayor Jaume Monserrat was among those who rushed to the scene along with Maria Pons, mayoress of the neighbouring municipality of Santanyi, after being told about the drama.

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A spokesman for Felanitx town hall confirmed: “Eight people have been taken to different hospitals after the last carriage of the tourist train linking Cala d’Or to Cala Ferrera overturned on a bend in the area.

“Medical services, local police and Civil Protection are among the agencies that have gone to the scene to help.
“Traffic in the area has been halted so the casualties can be transferred to hospital by ambulance.”