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My housing provider ripped up my floor but is now refusing it replace it

A DISABLED woman is outraged after her housing provider allegedly ripped up her flooring then refused to replace it.

Caroline James, who suffers from lung disease, now wants compensation for thehazardoushalf job.

Caroline James has been left without a proper floor after workmen allegedly lifted it and threw it out while doing repairs

Caroline James has been left without a proper floor after workmen allegedly lifted it and threw it out while doing repairsCrédito: Gaceta de la tarde
The Beyond Housing contractors were investigating 'rotten joists'

The Beyond Housing contractors were investigating ‘rotten joistsCrédito: Gaceta de la tarde

The 57-year-old claims the stress of the situation has left her needing hospital treatment on several occasions.

And she desperately wants things resolved and her Beyond Housing casa in Redcar, Yorkshire del Norte, to be safe again.

carolino, who has lived alone in the bungalow for nine years, dijo TeessideLive: “I’ve had a look into claiming on the insurance but my own home insurance only covers accidental damage so I can’t claim off of that.

I rang up Beyond Housing and the lady I spoke to said that I could try to claim on theirs but that she didn’t think they would pay out because it isn’t their problem.

But in my eyes, it is their problem.

carolino, quién tiene chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), said the ordeal began following a home assessment earlier this year.

She was reportedly told by an inspector that the joists under her floor were rotten due to water damage and, as a result, the boards needed to be replaced.

Después “months and monthsof back and forth, workmen finally arrived to complete the job on September 26.

They allegedlyripped upa section of the flooring before declaring there was no clear sign of any rotting or damage and leaving.

But Caroline says they took the laminate with themleaving hazardous floorboards and wooden panelsand there is no sign of it being re-covered.

“[The workmen] had been in touch with their boss that morning to say ‘she’s got flooring down, are we allowed to take it up’? and they said yes,” ella dijo.

I was then told the man from the insurance would ring me at around 5pm the next day, but I never received that call.

I phoned myself only for the person on the other end to tell me that they shouldn’t have taken off the flooring and that they wouldn’t be able to help.

It’s not as though I can replace it myself either because they took my flooring with them when they left.

A spokesperson for Beyond Housing said: “We apologise to Ms James and are working closely with her to ensure the original concerns she reported have been addressed to her satisfaction.

We value all customer feedback that helps us to improve our services and thank Ms James for bringing this matter to our attention.

The remaining laminate boards next to the bald spot

The remaining laminate boards next to the bald spotCrédito: Gaceta de la tarde
Caroline in her bungalow in Redcar, Yorkshire del Norte

Caroline in her bungalow in Redcar, Yorkshire del NorteCrédito: Gaceta de la tarde

What are my rights in social housing?

TENANTS whose properties are managed by the local authority can request repairs be carried out under theright to repair” esquema.

Many social housing landlords also opt in to this, but they don’t have to, according to Citizens Advice.

It is important to check tenancy agreements and handbooks to see where you stand.

If a right to repair scheme is in place, qualifying work includes everything from loss of electric power, blocked sinks and leaking roofs.

But if it’s not, there are other ways to ensure necessary work is carried out.

Consejo Ciudadano has a full guide, but the most important thing is to gather evidence to support your claim.