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L'esperto di volo rivela cosa accadrà se le porte dell'aereo vengono aperte mentre si è in volo

A FLYING expert has revealed what would actually happen if a passenger attempted to open the plane doors mid-air.

Paul Tizzard who works as a fear of flying coach, helping people overcome their fears has explained how opening an emergency door during a flight is not that easy.

Paul helps people overcome their fear of flying

Paul helps people overcome their fear of flyingCredito: Getty

He explained that the aircraft’s design is built to prevent the door from opening while in the air.

He told The Specchio: “Once you get to altitude and it’s pressurised, it locks in place as it’s tilted.

It has ridiculously strong pins that are held shut by the pressure. If you jumped up and down on the handle you’d just break it.

You can open it on the ground. You will never see a door without someone by it on the ground.

When the doors are armed for take off, that door is ready to be a slide or a raft for an emergency.

Even though it is practically impossible to open the door while in the air, it hasn’t stopped people from trying.

A mum said she thought she was going to die when a passenger tried to open the plane door mid-flight screaming he wouldSee them all in heaven”.

All'inizio di quest'anno, a Jet2 passenger was kicked off a flight when she tried to open the plane’s door, yelled at cabin crew and slapped passengers during the journey to Antalya, tacchino.

Catherine Bush Catherine whose drunken outburst forced the plane to land in Vienna, Austria, was fined £5,000 and banned for life by Jet2.

She later sent an apology e-mail to the airline.