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Voo da British Airways é forçado a desviar após WINDSCREEN quebrar no ar

A BRITISH Airways passenger said she was left terrified after her flight was forced to divert when the windscreen cracked mid-air.

Traveller Caroline Edmunds tweeted a photo of the aircraft’s shattered windshield thanking the pilot for landing the plane safely.

The passenger shared a photo of the cracked windscreen

The passenger shared a photo of the cracked windscreenCrédito: Twitter

Caroline was on the BA624 flight heading to Rhodes, Grécia, from London on Saturday but the incident forced the pilot to perform an emergency diversion to Athens.

Ela tuitou: “A big ‘thank you’ to the @British_Airways pilot who got us safely diverted to Athens after our plane’s windscreen broke … terrifying.

Now happily waiting for another not so dramatic flight to Rhodes!”

The airline arranged for a relief aircraft to transfer passengers to Rhodes later the same day.

A spokesperson for British Airways said: “Due to a technical issue, the flight was diverted to Athens and landed safely.

We apologised to the customers and a replacement aircraft was arranged to get them to their final destination.

It remains unknown what caused the windscreen to break.

It comes as a passenger captured the shocking moment a window on the plane he was travelling on appeared to crack sparking panic onboard.

TikTok user Tristan was vôo onboard a Polônia Airlines flight from Warsaw, Polônia, para Nova york‘s John F Kennedy Airport when the horror incident took place.

Last month a woman was shocked to find she was sitting next to asmashedplane window during her flight.

Thankfully it was not all as it seemedalthough some people said they would still be terrified.