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How NHS, armed forces and other key workers can save £4,500 on their new

BUYING a new car might sound like a luxury, especially in these difficult times when so many people are feeling the pinch.

But if you’ve worked for (or retired from) die NHS, Polisie, Prison Service, Fire and Rescue Services or Armed Forces, or you’re a teacher, you can save as much as £4,500 off your new motor.

If you work in a key sector, you can save thousands on your new car with The Motor Source Group

If you work in a key sector, you can save thousands on your new car with The Motor Source Group

Thanks to The Motor Source Group, everyday heroes from these professions are eligible to save thousands of pounds on their purchase.

Customers can benefit from new and used cars alike, as well as a range of buying options including leasing, part exchange and finance.

The car sales company is now 21 jaar oud, and in that time has supported its customers in buying over 37,000 motors, while offering savings of over £166 million.

We spoke to Motor Source Group CEO and ex-serviceman Steve Thornton about his experiences of buying a new car as a young soldier.

‘They weren’t great,’ he explained. ‘I’d just returned from my operational duties in Iraq – I got ripped off and just generally wasn’t looked after. I also realised the “deal” I had signed up to wasn’t the best by far, either.’

It was experiences like this that saw Steve make the unlikely move from the military into car sales.

‘I became passionate about offering a better service for my fellow service personnel,’ he told us. ‘I knew far more could be done for them, and for personnel stationed outside of the UK, ook. This led to the opportunity to co-found the business we have today.’

If you’re among those who can benefit from The Motor Source Group’s services, read on to find out more about the company and how it works.

Who can save with the Motor Source Group?

If you work in any of the sectors listed below, you are eligible to take advantage of The Motor Source Group’s services.

  • NHS – includes NHS and healthcare professionals
  • UK Police – includes police officers and staff in all UK police forces and retired police.
  • HM Prison Service – includes officers and staff working in UK HM prisons.
  • Fire and Rescue – includes serving and retired fire service personnel, and rescue services such as Coastguard and RNLI.
  • Armed Forces – includes British Army, Royal Marines, Koninklike vloot, Koninklike lugmag, MoD and diplomatic personnel.
  • Teachers – all teaching professionals working in all levels of education, from primary school to university education establishments.

Eligible customers will save an average of £4,500 off the RRP of a new car in the UK – to see the full range of makes and models available, simply head to the Motor Source Group website and click on your sector.

Savings vary between brands and models of car, but there are some that see discounts in excess of £11,000 – that’s no small sum.

How does The Motor Source Group work?

Accessing the discounts available through The Motor Source Group is incredibly simple and completely stress-free.

All you’ll need to do is visit the Motor Source Group website, browse the vehicles listed on the site, and then submit your query either online or on 01522 500055.

These aren’t deals that you’ll ever find at your local dealership or any other online car-seller – The Motor Source Group only works directly with the car manufacturers.

Meer belangrik, there’s no pressure-sales tactics from the company’s staff, and you won’t need to haggle either – you’ll be treated with the respect you deserve.

Once you’ve ordered your car, The Motor Source Group takes care of everything else, whether that’s the finance, the part exchange or the delivery date (which is one that’s convenient for you).

On top of that, buyers will always have all the manufacturer warranties as standard, while all the typical servicing and maintenance is provided – plus, you’ll receive a normal V5 logbook just as you would with a purchase from a typical dealership.

Does The Motor Source Group lease cars?

The Motor Source Group doesn’t just offer new cars for sales: you can also lease instead of purchasing the traditional way.

This covers both business and personal leases, and better still, it’s also open to your friends and family.

Head hier to find out more about the company’s range of leasing options.

Does The Motor Source Group sell used cars?

Absolutely – in fact, all second-hand cars sold via The Motor Source Group come with a minimum £250 discount, along with a money-back guarantee and free home delivery.

You can order your used car for a deposit of as little as £99, en weer, it’s open to friends and family too.

You can search for used cars via The Motor Source Group website hier.

Can I part exchange my existing car with The Motor Source Group?

All part exchange vehicles are very welcome at The Motor Source Group.

As with all services offered by the company, you’ll find exchanging your current car to help the purchase of your new one a completely hassle-free experience.

The team will arrange both collection and delivery at a time and place to suit you, without any stress along the way.

At The Sun, we know those hard at work in sectors like the NHS, armed forces, polisie, prison services and teaching aren’t always given the acknowledgement or appreciation they deserve.

But thanks to The Motor Source Group, they will always be assured of a great deal on a great car.

The Motor Source Group can be contacted by phone on 01522500055 and email at Stay up-to-date with all the latest news at its webwerf en Instagram, Facebook, Twitter en YouTube pages.

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