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Parents’ fury at school forcing ‘miserablekids to wear blazers in 33C heat

PARENTS have been left furious at a school’s “fou” uniform rule which forcesmiserablekids to wear blazers in 33C heat.

Students at the Outwood Academy in Brumby, Nord Lincolnshire, have been warned they face punishment if they don’t comply with the strict clothing policy.

The Outwood Academy in Brumby, Lincolnshire du Nord

The Outwood Academy in Brumby, Lincolnshire du NordCrédit: Le conducteur d'Hermès divise l'opinion après avoir ouvert la porte

But as the Met Office issued a danger to lifeamber warning au milieu des sweltering heatwave, locals are livid with the “ridicule” régner.

They hit out at the unfair policy as temperatures are set to rocket into next week, leaving pupils baking while in lessons.

Parents branded the controversial insistence on wearing full school uniform ahealth issueand claim it is affecting their kids ability to concentrate in class.

One angry parent wrote in a Facebook post: “Uniforms these days are ridiculous.

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How does it help learning to sit uncomfortable in a full shirt tie and blazer? I would be miserable.

Un autre ajouté: “Health and safety and welfare override rules every time. A teacher cannot make children suffer.

A phone call to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) will soon put them in there place.

And a third maddened mum chimed in: “Pathétique! It’s not good for you when it’s really hot, it’s a health issue, makes me laugh when the government issue warnings about the heat.

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Others also claimed children werebeing separatedfrom their pals if they dared to take off their dark blazers to cool down.

Some said they had told their kids to ignore the rule and instead face the consequences, while others added they were keeping their youngsters off school in defiance.

Government advice forlooking after schoolchildren during heatwaves” suggère “loose, light-coloured clothing should be worn”.

It comes as a string of frustrated parents across the country complained schools weren’t doing enough to keep kids cool during the heatwave.

The National Union of Teachers said special measures should be put in place to reduce temperatures as soon as staff complain about feeling uncomfortable.

They suggested in a report that 26C should be used as a benchmark for these measures.

The union added: “Other steps may also need to be considered such as closing classrooms which are unacceptably hot and teaching classes elsewhere, or even sending pupils home, provided reasonable notice has been given to parents.

The Sun have contacted the Outwood Academy for comment.

We previously told how a mum claimed her son was leftsick, faint and dizzy” après his school forced him to wear his full uniform in 32C heat.