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I tuoi gruppi WhatsApp sono appena cambiati per sempre e potrebbero andare anche peggio

WHATSAPP has massively boosted the number of people you can have in one group.

It’s now possible to invite a head-spinning 512 people to a single chat.

WhatsApp maximum group sizes have ballooned in a new update

WhatsApp maximum group sizes have ballooned in a new updateCredito: WhatsApp

That means your busiest conversations could get even more hectic.

One of the top requests we’ve consistently received is the option to add more people to a chat,” disse WhatsApp.

So now we’re slowly rolling out the ability to add up to 512 people to a group.

Building private, safe and secure communities takes work, and we think this series of improvements will help people and groups stay close to one another.

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Three features WhatsApp SHOULD have – as new update adds chat reactions


Three features WhatsApp SHOULD have – as new update adds chat reactions

WhatsApp group sizes were originally capped at 100 persone, before changing to a limit of 256 nel 2016.

But the latest update that’s now rolling out doubles the group chat participant cap.

It comes before WhatsApp adds its long-awaited Communities feature.

This will let you createparent groupsthat contain lots of group chats within them.

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All change

That’s not all that’s changed for WhatsApp users in recent days.

WhatsApp has also added the ability to use Facebook-style message reactions.

This means you can quickly react to a message without having to send an entire text.

Mark Zuckerberg – who runs WhatsApp-owner meta – shared the news last week with a selection of reaction emoji.

They include thumbs up, love heart, crying with laughter, shocked face, sad tear, and pray (o high five).

WhatsApp has also increased the maximum size of files you can send in a chat.

Previously you couldn’t send a file bigger than 100MB.

But the new cap has been raised twenty-fold, to 2GB.

These new features are rolling out right now, so keep checking your app (and app stores) for updates.

If you want to try upcoming features before everyone else, consider joining the WhatsApp beta to test changes using our guide below.

How to get WhatsApp beta

To download WhatsApp beta for your smartphone you need to go to Google Play on your Android and search for WhatsApp.

Scroll down the page until you seeBecome a Beta Tester”.

Tap theI’m Inbutton and then clickJointo confirm.

Now all you have to do is wait for the update to the beta version of the app.

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Joining the WhatsApp beta on i phone is more difficult, and has limited capacity.

Follow Apple’s guide Qui.

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