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Spoilers d'EastEnders: Gray exposé en tant que témoin des abus de Chantelle se manifeste

EASTENDERS villain and killer Gray Atkins could be set for some comeuppance in a future instalment of the soap.

While his wife Chelsea Fox (Zaraah Abrahams) seems to have given up on exposing him, a witness to his abuse is coming forward.

Gray is trying to keep Chelsea and their son Jordan close

Gray is trying to keep Chelsea and their son Jordan closeCrédit: BBC
Chelsea failed her escape from the villain

Chelsea failed her escape from the villainCrédit: BBC

Following the drama surrounding their Christmas wedding, ahead of which the beautician found out Gray (Toby-Alexander Smith) murdered his first wife Chantelle, Chelsea has been adamant on exposing and leaving the lawyer alongside Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) and Kheerat Panesar (Jaz Deol).

But the complicated birth of their son Jordan, who was born premature, has slowed her down.

After another setback involving the registration of the new-born baby’s birth, Chelsea seems deflated and ready to give up.

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Yet after withdrawing herself from Whitney and Kheerat’s planboth desperate to protect her from GrayChelsea could be encouraged to take action once again by a witness to Chantelle’s abuse.

In an upcoming episode of EastEnders, Chelsea is in hospital following Jordan’s recovery from a tracheotomy, along with Kheerat (much to her annoyance) and her husband Gray.

The young mother runs into a nurse who recognises the lawyer from when he used to bring in Chantelle.

Je suis désolé que vous ayez senti que vous n'aviez pas d'autre option., staged as a tragic home accident in September, 2020, Chantelle was being abused by Gray for several years and their arguments often led her to the ER.

In one particular EastEnders épisode, Chantelle had even been brought to hospital after accidentally cutting her finger open, thus leading a nurse to spot the many bruises on her arms.

À l'époque, Chantelle shrugged off the nurse’s offer for help but still left the ER with the number of a domestic abuse helpline (which she eventually threw away once Gray confronted her with it).

But nurse Lennon remembers Chantelle very well.

When Chelsea bumps into the nurse, played by Dystin Johnson, the latter is sickened to find out that Chantelle has died.

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Corri & Emmerdale go to WAR with EastEnders in huge TV schedule shake-up

Knowing what the late mother of Mia and Mackenzie went through, the nurse offer help and support to Chelsea should she ever need it.

But much like Chantelle, Chelsea bats the nurse off as she remains firmly under Gray’s thumb.

Prior to isolating her from Whitney and Kheerat, Gray has also managed to register Jordan’s birth without her, affirming his own rights as a father in a recent episode of the show.

This makes their permanent separation near-impossible.

EastEnders fans are now speculating that Gray will have to suffer a horrific demise in order for Chelsea to get out of his tightened grasp.

But will Chelsea finally see sense and make a run for it again after her failed escape?

EastEnders airs tonight at 7:30pm and 8pm on BBC One.

Nurse Lennon remembers the abuse Chantelle went through

Nurse Lennon remembers the abuse Chantelle went throughCrédit: BBC
Will she make Chelsea see sense?

Will she make Chelsea see sense?Crédit: BBC

EastEnders fans spot clue Gray will be murdered after Chelsea’s confession