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Amerikaanse Pickers’ Mike erken dat hy 'druk' het’ as show ly sonder afgedankte Frank

AMERIKAANSE Pickers’ Mike Wolfe has opened up about feeling the pressure as his show continues to take a hit in the ratings.

Less viewers have been tuning in to watch the History Channel series after Frank Fritz was fired.

American Pickers' Mike Wolfe opened up about all the 'pressure' he is feeling on the show

Amerikaanse Pickers’ Mike Wolfe opened up about all the ‘pressurehe is feeling on the showKrediet: Zachary Maxwell Stertz/History Channel
Ratings have continued to dwindle ever since Mike's cohost Frank Fritz was fired

Ratings have continued to dwindle ever since Mike’s cohost Frank Fritz was firedKrediet: Coleman-Rayner

Mike geneem om Instagram to share a photo of two of his crew members as the snap shows the workers posing for the camera while on set.

He captioned the pic: “Blood sweat and tears with these two guys. My pick interviews are done on a different day. It’s a time frame thing there’s just not enough of it on pick days.

was ook in die pos verskyn: “Finding the words after 13 years of doing this show becomes harder. A lot of it is the pressure I put on myself. And how much weight I put into telling peoples stories

These two help me and sometimes guide me. This shot is what I see when I’m filming. Encouragement love understanding and a true passion for this project.

beweer dit was net die onwettige hou wat hom ná ’n geveg in pyn gelaat het en krities oor skeidsregter Herb Dean

American Pickers' Mike Wolfe drops big hint about show's future

what’s next?

Amerikaanse Pickers’ Mike Wolfe drops big hint about show’s future

The 57-year-old concluded: “I’ve been very blessed to have people in my life at this time that love what they do as much as I do.

The reality program has continued airing new episodes despite the decrease in viewership.

The Sun previously revealed that ratings have plummeted after dropping to under one million viewers in January and last July, for the first time in years.

Ratings have decreased with every new episode as a previous one had just 859,000 kykers tune in.

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Egter, episodes featuring fan-favorite Frank had higher ratings; 1,282,000 viewers tuned in for his final show on March 2, 2020.

Frank’s firing was announced in July 2021- he was eventually replaced by Mike’s other brother, Robbie.

All this has led fans to boycott American Pickers because of Frank’s ousting, as many have dubbed Robbie “boring.”

I tried to watch one of the new episodes a few days ago, and it just isn’t the same,” one person previously wrote on the American Pickers’ official Twitter bladsy.

So sad as I have been a major fan over the years. I’ll continue re-watching the old ones instead. This maybe should have ended when Frank ‘left.’”


Frank apparently exited the show to recover from back surgery that left him with 185 steke en twee stokke in sy ruggraat.

During his time off, Frank verloor 65 pond, as he is living a healthier lifestyle and is sober from alcohol- egter, he has not been seen on the series since March 2020.

Voorheen, Frank revealed his feud with co-star Mike.

He exclusively told The Sun: “I haven’t talked to Mike in two years. He knew my back was messed up, but he didn’t call me up and ask how I was doing. That’s just how it is.

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The show is tilted towards him 1,000 persentasie. I can’t even bend that far down to show you how much…”

Frank is currently running his own antique store in Illinois, although it has not received the best of reviews.

Viewers have begged for Frank's return

Viewers have begged for Frank’s returnKrediet: Getty
Frank was eventually replaced by Mike's brother, Robbie, however fans have labeled him as 'boring'

Frank was eventually replaced by Mike’s brother, Robbie, however fans have labeled him as ‘boringKrediet: History Channel
Frank now runs his own antique shop in Illinois

Frank now runs his own antique shop in IllinoisKrediet: History Channel

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