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Loose Women fans all saying the same thing about Frankie Bridge’s ‘new face

LOOSE Women fans have all been left saying the same thing about Frankie Bridge’s ‘new face.’

los former The Saturday’s singer, 33, appeared alongside her fellow Mujeres sueltas panellists and sported a glam makeup look and her short hair in loose waves.

Loose Women fans questioned what Frankie Bridge's 'new face'

Loose Women fans questioned what Frankie Bridge’s ‘new faceCrédito: ITV
Viewers said Frankie's makeup was 'heavier' than usual

Viewers said Frankie’s makeup was ‘heavierthan usualCrédito: ITV
Frankie often appears as a panellist on the show

Frankie often appears as a panellist on the showCrédito: Rex

Frankie looked chic in a grey suit dress but it was her eyebrows that drew attention from fans.

Tomando a Twitter, viewers questioned what Frankie had done to her brows.

One person penned: “What on earth has Frankie done to her eyebrows?” while another said: “The brows are taking over her face.”

Un tercero dijo: “what’s happened with Frankie’s Eyebrows??” and a fourth added: “A bit too much lamination going off with Frankie’s brows.”

A fifth person tweeted: “Frankie’s makeup is soooo heavy, it’s never normally that heavy.”

Frankie recently showed off her derriere while she had a cellulite treatment done, and sported black lace lingerie for the video.

Frankie told fans she was being “sorted out from head to toe” as she videoed her bum.

In another short clip, a barefaced Frankie was seen having a facial as she said she’d “handed herself over” to the lady giving Frankie her glow.

The star also shared a photo of her face post-treatment and told fans she’d been so warm and cosy that she “fitted in a little nap.”

As well as having beauty treatments, the star is also known for her love of fitness.

Cecilia Harris, who trains celebrity clients including Frankie Bridge and her husband recently revealed the workout celebs are loving.

Giving away some of Frankie’s workout secrets, she said it’s all about “working the glutes to the absolute maximum,” as she revealed in a chat: “The bum muscles are not called the ‘gluteus maximus’ for no reasonthey are the largest muscle in the human body which means they take serious work to get them stronger and more toned.

“Squats and lunges are fantastic exercises, but they actually use our quad musclesthose big muscles at the front of our legsa lot more than the glutes.

“So when training celebs who really want to work their glutes and build their bums, personal trainers choose moves that focus on the glutes.”

Loose Women viewers think Frankie has changed her eyebrows

Loose Women viewers think Frankie has changed her eyebrowsCrédito: INSTAGRAM/FRANKIE BRIDGE