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Brits to shiver in 4C polar plunge today as freezing Arctic air causes frost

BRITS will shiver in a 4C polar plunge today as freezing Arctic air causes frost, the Met Office has warned.

Mornings will be particularly chilly with potentially some frost around over the weekend.

Brits are set to shiver in a 4C polar plunge

Brits are set to shiver in a 4C polar plungeCrédito: Getty
Temperatures will largely be in single figures tonight

Temperatures will largely be in single figures tonightCrédito: Met office

And anyone planning on staying out late tonight has been advised to put on an extra layer.

Temperatures across the board are expected to dip into single figures tonight, except for possible north western areas.

Aviemore in the Scottish Highlands will be coldest at 4C.

Met Office Meteorologist Annie Shuttleworth said: “A Northerly breeze will continue to strengthen down through the North Sea continuing to push those showers to parts of Yorkshire and Norfolk.

Parts of the south east could see the odd shower drift past from time to time through Friday afternoon.

Despite the sunshine continuing for many of us into Friday afternoon it’s going to feel cool out there.

Temperatures are not quite reaching 20C, and that cool theme will continue again on Friday night, widely dipping down into single figures.

But it will be another dry night for most of us. Contudo, it will stay windy across that north east coast and showers could clip eastern areas from time to time.

Temperatures are down into single figures across the board apart from perhaps the north western areas.

So you’ll need an extra layer if you are planning on being out late on Friday night.

That dry and cooler theme will continue for the rest of the weekend.

The meteorologist yesterday said the arctic chill is coming from the north, and is currently moving from Islândia.

Ela adicionou: “The high pressure is going to pull that air down.

It’s not extremely cold. It’s just something to highlight.

Ms Shuttleworth said the warning is also a heads up for the many queuing near Westminister Hall to see the Queen laying-in-state.

Ela disse: “With a lot of people spending lots of time outside, it’s something to take note of.

Temperatures could start climbing again at the start of next week.