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I’m fuming over my selfish neighbours’ Parken – they left their cars on the pavement instead of their own driveways

A MAN was left fuming over his selfish neighbour’s parking after they parked their cars on the pavement.

The resident in Coventry hit out at theinconsiderateparking he spotted in his neighbourhood.

A resident was left fuming after his neighbours allegedly parked on the pavement

A resident was left fuming after his neighbours allegedly parked on the pavement

He was furious after discovering two cars parked on the pavement in front of properties along Black Prince Avenue in Cheylesmore.

And he was particularly irked because the stationary vehicles obstructed the public walkway on the street, Berichte Coventry Live.

The resident was confused about why the motorists allegedly decided to park their cars on the pavement instead of their own driveways, which he claims were completely vacant.

The man then decided to submit the photo showing the two vehicles straddling the walkways.

And he added that because of the shoddy parking, pedestrians are continuously forced to walk around the cars onto amud patchor on the road.

He says it causes great inconvenience to disabled, elderly and pushchairs who cannot access the pavement.

The disgruntled resident told CoventryLive: “More inconsiderate parking today on Black Prince Avenue, Cheylesmore, making people go through a mud patch or onto road.

Wheelchairs and pushchair users are on that route regularly, plus of course pedestrians.

There was even a vacant car space in front of the house but they chose to park on the pavement. Unbelievable!”

Despite what many people believe there is no law in the UK against Parken on the pavement apart from in London.

According to the UK law, the Highway Code rule 244 says drivers outside Londonshould notpark on the pavement, statt “must not”.

Outside of the capital, you are permitted to partially park your motor on the pavement, but it must not be causing an obstruction.

So while it is illegal to drive on the pavement, it is not necessarily illegal to park on it.

To make matters worse for residents, the rule is notoriously difficult to enforce.

Unless a police officer actually witnesses somebody driving onto the pavement before parking, they are unlikely to have the direct proof they need.

Parking on pavements has been banned in London since the 1974 Greater London Council (General Powers) Act.

Der Rat ist befugt, einen Fall vor das Amtsgericht zu bringen, wenn er entscheidet, dass es sich um eine gesetzlich vorgeschriebene Belästigung handelt

The act forbids motorists to park on urban roads in the capital with their car’s wheels resting on footways, grass verges or land between carriageways.

Get caught parking on the pavement in London and you will face a hefty £70 fine.