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Prices of petrol FINALLY fall but firms should drop them further, say the AA

DRIVERS are now saving £10.30 a tank on average as petrol prices FINALLY fall.

But greedy firms should drop them by at least another 15p to give a fair deal to hard-up motorists, die AA vandag gesê.

Drivers are now saving £10.30 a tank on average as petrol prices finally fall

Drivers are now saving £10.30 a tank on average as petrol prices finally fallKrediet: LNP

Intussen, thousands of drivers are being forced into debt or forced to borrow cash from friends and family as they face huge squeezes on their income, they warn.

Petrol has fallen by around 19p per litre in the last month after a record high in July of 191p per litre.

But the average price should drop to around 160p if savings are properly passed on, according to the latest AA Fuel Price report.

And millions of Brits face an unfair postcode lottery as prices wildly differ across the country and even within regions.

Of the big supermarkets and pumps, enigste Asda is below 170p-per-litre, and is passing on the biggest price drops.

The drop so far is nowhere near the record fall in 2008/9 which saw a £18.60 saving for Brits filling up their carsa fall of 34p-a-litre.

Van drivers have seen the cost of filling up fall by around 12.5p a litrearound £12.26 a tank.

There are hopes that as the US motoring season comes to an end, retailers will face extra pressure to cut costs again.

Luke Bosdet, the AA’s fuel price spokesman said: “This is a glass half full and half empty situation for UK drivers.

“Fuel is still 37.6p a litre more expensive than a year ago (135.29bl).

“In previous pump price crashes, drivers could reckon on the supermarkte racing to pass on the savings, trying to steal a march on their rivals.

“Now it’s hit and miss whether you live and drive in an area where at least one fuel retailer is prepared to bring down prices as fast as the fall in wholesale costs.”

Fairfuel Founder Howard Cox said prices should be up to 20p per litre cheaper in some placescalling on ministers to slash fuel duty again to help.

Hitting out at the profiteering firms, he blasted: “Pump profits are now at their highest, billions of extra VAT are flowing into Number 11 and the Competition and Markets Authority isn’t protecting consumers.

“Yet again, we are seeing an inept political administration clueless as to how to solve the cost-of-living crisis.

“Cut fuel duty by 25p and create PumpWatch to finally secure honest and transparent pricing at the pumps.”