「簡単な問題」を解くことができれば、あなたは数学の天才になれるかもしれません’ パズル 20 秒

MATHS lovers, behold a brainteaser to put you to the test.

TikToker MathsPuzzles has revealed a fun little チャレンジbut can you figure out the answer?

Can you figure out the final one?

Can you figure out the final one?クレジット: @mathspuzzles

We get an idea of where it’s going with the first few answers.

So the first is easy: 1 + 5 = 6.

その後, the usual pattern goes well off.

ザ・ TikToker claims only 10 percent of people can figure it out.

But we suspect a lot more can do it.

The next sum is 2 + 6, somehow equalling 14.

それとその後, それは 3 + 7, which gets 24.

その後、 4 + 8 = 36.

So what does the final pair equal?

それは言う 5 + 9 – and the answer isn’t 14.

The correct answer is actually 50.

For those who don’t know how, it’s quite simple.

The answer to the previous question is sneakily added into the mix each time.

So the final question was actually 36 + 5 + 9, which makes 50.


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