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Wie is Stacey Giggs? Max George se eks-vriendin

STACEY Giggs hasn’t been one to shy away from the public eye when it comes to the highs and lows of her celebrity love life.

But who is she? And who has she dated? Hier is alles wat jy moet weet.

Wie is Stacey Giggs?

Stacey Giggs, formerly known as Stacey Cooke is famed for being the former WAG who married ex-Manchester United speler Ryan Giggs in 2007.

They were married for a decadeuntil the news of Ryan’s extramarital affair with his brother Rhodri Gigg’s wife became public.

The pair were locked in a year-long £40m divorce battle.

Her net worth is assumed to be over £1million.

Who has Stacey Giggs dated?

Max George

 Stacey Giggs and Max George dated until 2022

Stacey Giggs and Max George dated until 2022Krediet: Spatsel

Max George, born on September 6, 1988 is an English singer who is best known as the lead singer of the boy bandThe Wanted.

Egter, he started his career as a footballerplaying for Preston North End.

Max first met Stacey on 2011, at V Festivalbut they were later reintroduced, by a mutual friend at a pub in Manchester, where they hit it off and their relationship began in 2018.

The couple moved into her £3.5million Manchester homewhich they shared with her children from her marriage to Giggs.

The pair briefly went their separate ways in March, 2022, but reconciled a month laterwith Stacey supporting Max at the funeral of his Wanted bandmate Tom Parker.

However the couple chose to split once again just a couple of months laterafter Stacey accused Max of cheating with Streng Ons het nie gesoen nie maar ons het ineengestrengel en bostukloos geraak Maisie Smith.

She branded her ex partner alying dog” – after The Sun revealed the Wanted star, 33, had taken 21-year-old Maisie on a romantic break in Crete.

Stacey, vir 'n maat gesê: “To see them dating publicly so quickly after I dumped him is like a dagger to the heart.”

“Max cheated on me with Ma

isie. I asked him about her but he denied anything had happened.

He said he was like an uncle to Maisie.

“After everything I’ve done for him, I cannot believe he would be so rude and disrespectful. He’s a lying dog. I feel betrayed.

“I’m very shocked he could be so cruel and I don’t recognise the person he’s become. I think Max has become obsessed with fame.”

How many children does Stacey Giggs?

Die egpaar het twee kinders saam – Zachary Joseph Giggs, born October 1, 2006 en Liberty Beau Giggs, born April 9, 2003.

Zachary has followed in his fathers footsteps and now represents Manchester United Football Club under-18s as a defender.

Their daughter Liberty prefers to take a step back from the spotlightand keeps her personal life private.

What she does like to share of it, she posts on her Instagram rekening – showing off her stylish looks and her jaw-dropping holidays.