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Lauren Goodger is ‘mum shamedafter she shows off plump lips

LAUREN Goodger has been brutally mum shamed by trolls online after showing off her plump pout on Instagram.

The TV star took to her social media to pose for a selfie on Wednesday evening, showing off her cushion-like lips.

Lauren posted the pouty selfie online

Lauren posted the pouty selfie onlineAnerkennung: INSTAGRAM
Lauren is mum to baby girl Larose, einer

Lauren is mum to baby girl Larose, einerAnerkennung: instagram

Lauren, 36, who has been open in the past about using lip filler, recently had a top-up as she headed to the clinic.

jedoch, the star has since been brutally mum-shamed over the size of her lips as she pouted for a new snap.

Lauren, who is mum to baby Larose, einer, tragically lost her second baby Lorena earlier this year after a complicated birth.

The proud mum was seen donning a fluffy blue cardigan and wearing minimal make-up for a new snap on Instagram.

She showed off her brushed brows and long lashes, as well as her pillowy pout in the close-up selfie snap.

I’ve had a brow top up after two years,” she penned in the caption, but not everyone was a fan of her new look.

You are gorgeous but please don’t do any more to your lips,” man schrieb, as another chimed in: “Lips are far too big.

You should follow in Charlotte Crosby’s footsteps and get them dissolved,” [object Window].

Please stop blowing up those lips,” penned a fourth, as a fifth concluded: “Beautiful lady but please loose those lips.

Many fans made reference how fellow mum Charlotte Crosby had her fillers dissolved after giving birth.

It comes after Lauren showed off her new look after having Botox and fillers put into her lips and nose diesen Sommer.

Lauren, who has suffered the year from hell after her daughter died, said she was on aroad of recovery”.

Lauren visited a beauty salon before getting the enhancements, Fans erzählen: “I’m taking every bit of self love I can.

Fans have previously begged Lauren to give up lip fillers after she posted a worrying selfie online.

She also previously claimed that she hadn’t had fillers in two years, having been open about undergoing a nose job, Brüste Job, and liposuction since shooting to fame as the star of The Only Way Is Essex back in 2010.