LOVE Island star Jacques O’Neill felt so low after Googling himself when he quit the villa that he woke up a producer for a cuddle.

ザ・ rugby professional managed to bypass show bosses bans on him having access to the internet after he decided to walk from the show.

Jacques was left feeling down after Googling himself

Jacques was left feeling down after Googling himselfクレジット: エロテメ

He was put in a separate apartment with two producers and a security guard and denied his phone.

しかしながら Jacques has now revealed to The Sun that he managed to get onto the internet via the television in the apartment when his minders went to bed.

But Goggling himself left him feeling upset.

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Love Island secret drama curse revealed as stars left terrified in villa


Love Island secret drama curse revealed as stars left terrified in villa

彼は言った: “I just literally just wanted to be by myself.

“They went to bed and I stayed off watching TV and there was a fire stick there and I thought I’ll just search my name.

“And I wish I didn’t because the way I felt googling my name and seeing everyone hating me I didn’t know what to do with myself.

“I didn’t sleep that night I just stayed awake, because I was so scared of going out that villa and going home and even facing people in the street.”

彼が追加した: “It rocked me. It was really scary.

“I was up till six in the morning, but in the end I had to knock on one of the producers’ doors and just have a cuddle from them, because I just felt awful about myself, and I just wanted someone to tell me it was going to be OK.

“I just felt like it was all negative and everyone hated me.

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“I didn’t have suicidal thoughts but I did want to go into hiding for a bit because I was scared of people seeing me.

“I have minutes and hours when I feel down and there is nothing for me.”