WHEN it comes to dealing with the most conniving, morally corrupt predators, we are a very cowardly country indeed.

今週はじめ, a long-awaited report by the police conduct watchdog into child grooming in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, was published.

Rochdale ringleader Shabir Ahmed had been given a job as a council welfare rights officer

Rochdale ringleader Shabir Ahmed had been given a job as a council welfare rights officerクレジット: PA:プレス協会

The eight-year, £6million investigation into the town’s grooming gangs scandal detailed how more than 1,400 girls were systematically failed by the police for years.

Over a decade and a half, the force “failed to protect vulnerable children” from the sexual deviance of predatory gangs of men, mostly of Pakistani heritage. But it didn’t stop there.

Adding to the tally of exposés came a separate review this week, commissioned by Oldham Council into an abuse ring in the Greater Manchester town.

That report revealed that Shabir Ahmed, the ringleader of a notorious grooming gang in nearby Rochdale, had been left free to work as a welfare rights officer in the council.

This was despite claims of sexual abuse being levelled at him for several years. Police failed to tell his employers.

The monster raped and trafficked girls as young as 13 across the North until he was eventually banged up for his crimes.





The spine-chilling chronicle of abuse that young, working-class girls have been subjected to at the hands of men so morally depraved doesn’t bear thinking about.

But we MUST think about it.

どちらかといえば, the culture of cowardice and secrecy that has long surrounded discussion about Asian grooming gang scandals is an affront to justice.

And it means these men have not received the level of indignation that they rightfully deserve.

How many people are aware that many of these paedo gang members are back on our streets?

Where is the outpouring of outrage that they continue to avoid taking full accountability for their crimes — and that our justice system allows it?


I bought a sexy top from Shein but I was sure my boobs would knock someone out


I bought a sexy top from Shein but I was sure my boobs would knock someone out

Human rights fanatics

It’s sickening enough that young, vulnerable girls were plied with drink and drugs and passed around like ragdolls between paedophiles.

It’s revolting that those girls, 何人かは若い 12, were intimidated, beaten and even gang-raped for sport, and sometimes cash.

And that the police turned a blind eye to the child victims and their parents.

Officers saw older Asian men with young girls as just a “fad” that would pass, with many too cowardly to call out South Asian perpetrators for fear of stirring up racial tensions.

But just when you think the diabolical exploitation of young girls at the hands of these men isn’t harrowing enough, it gets worse.

なぜなら, when you are dealing with a legal system like ours, so full of laughing-stock sentences and bleeding-heart activist lawyers, things can always get worse.

そう, to add insult to injury, it has also been revealed this week that grooming gang members released from prison are continuing to exploit our soft-touch legal systems to swerve deportation.

Adil Khan has claimed deportation would breach his human rights

Adil Khan has claimed deportation would breach his human rightsクレジット: PA:プレス協会

One convict from the prolific paedo posse of Rochdale, Adil Khan, who served four years after getting a 13-year-old girl pregnant, has invoked “human rights” to avoid being deported back to Pakistan.

It’s not the first time he and his sex-offender ilk have mounted legal challenges against their deportation.

In a hearing this week, the 51-year-old pervert claimed that it was wrong for him to be deported because of his right to a “family life”.

He said he had to remain in Britain in order to be a “role model” for his son and to teach him right from wrong.

Khan wouldn’t know “right” if it walked up to him in broad daylight and kicked him in the nether regions.

Shame on our justice system for entertaining this immoral, conniving behaviour.

Shame on the militant human rights fanatics who constantly put the well-being of criminals before the well-being of victims.

Khan and his paedophile pals should have been thrown straight into a cab to the airport and on to the first flight back to their home countries the moment their prison doors were unlocked.

実際には, the only two options for foreign child rapists, traffickers and groomers should be death behind bars or deportation on release.

Not the measly single-digit terms too often handed out.

Until we bring the full force of the law raining down on the heads of these predatory packs of men in our towns and cities, I have no doubt this will not be the last column I write about a grooming scandal.

Our politicians should stop being so spineless and send a long overdue, zero-tolerance message to these barbarians. If you come to this country and traffic, abuse and rape our children, you will either die behind bars, or be on the first deportation flight out of Britain the second your sentence is over.

From bad to verse

OCR, one of the GCSE exam boards, has removed famous works by white male poets John Keats, Philip Larkin and others as part of a move to “represent diverse voices”.

The board says “of the 15 poets whose work has been added, 14 are poets of colour”, 追加する, “our new poets also include disabled and LGBTQ+ voices”.

Woke exam boards are removing works from white male poet Philip Larkin

Woke exam boards are removing works from white male poet Philip Larkinクレジット: ゲッティ

What has which way someone swings sexually or how dark their skin is got to do with the quality of their poetry?

Just because I’m a black woman doesn’t mean I’m more likely to resonate with poems written by black women.

“I thought that poem was absolute rubbish, but now I know it was written by someone the same colour and sex as me, I think it’s a work of genius,” said no one, これまで.

What reductive, moralising nonsense.

I’m all for giving kids exposure to people of different cultures and colours but, for the love of God, I wish they’d at least do it in a way that isn’t so patronising and so bloomin’ transparent.

Kate a work of art

The royal portrait is a marvellous depiction of Kate and William

The royal portrait is a marvellous depiction of Kate and Williamクレジット: スプラッシュ

THE first official portrait of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, which is due to go on display in Cambridge University, has been unveiled.

But the painting, by award-winning artist Jamie Coreth, has received mixed reviews. It has been accused of not doing Kate justice.

One of those particularly critical has been the author A N Wilson, who said the work turns Kate into a “strangely boring” and “inanimate” version of her.

Of course it’s inanimate, it’s a bloody painting. What did he expect?

And this coming from a man who seems to only have a total of two facial expressions.

OK, the portrait doesn’t exactly capture the Duchess in her full glory but it’s nevertheless a marvellous depiction of a modern future king and his beautiful wife.

Dead creepy

WE memorialise loved ones we have lost badly, and if the latest idea by Amazon isn’t proof, I don’t know what is.

The tech giant plans to let people turn their dead loved ones’ voices into digital assistants on its Alexa devices.

So when you ask Alexa if it’s going to rain that day, or what the headlines are, a creepy AI version of your long-dead grandmother’s voice will help.

This sounds like a recipe for trauma to me.

I’ll stick to looking at old photo albums.

Salute manly fellas

HISTORIAN Joanna Grochowicz, who has written about famous explorers, has said society is “shying away from manliness” and that she is troubled by the move towards “gender neutral”.

Thank God there are still women out there with sensible views about gender – I was starting to lose hope.

Joanna Grochowicz says society is “shying away from manliness”

Joanna Grochowicz says society is “shying away from manliness”クレジット: フェイスブック

She’s right. It’s no longer cool to like manly men. 実際には, it’s frowned upon by feminism fanatics, who think everything men do is “toxic masculinity” and must be purged from society immediately.

But it’s simply a scientific reality that men have particular qualities that women don’t, およびその逆.

はい, men are stronger, more bullish, boisterous, assertive, risk-prone, less emotional.

はい, they’d rather look big and strong, not dainty and delicate. It’s not “toxic masculinity”, it’s millions of years of evolution.

Feminists don’t seem to complain about gender roles when there are bricks that need laying, coal that needs digging up and wars that need fighting, do they? 面白い, それ.


I'm an Aldi-mad mum - I save £8.5k a year with shopping & meal prep hacks


I’m an Aldi-mad mumI save £8.5k a year with shopping & meal prep hacks

How about we just stop bashing men for behaving as nature intended and stop pretending women are perfect and men are evil.

Besides, we sort of need them for the survival of our species.