ケリー・カトーナ’ KatieがOnlyFansに参加すると & 紹介コードの使用を忘れた

KERRY Katona welcomed her pal Katie Price onto OnlyFans – でもだった “内臓除去” she didn’t use the referral code she gave her.

The former Atomic Kitten singer, 41, threw her support behind 43-year-old Katie and said it was her idea for the former glamour model to join the platform.

Kerry Katona said she's 'gutted' pal Katie Price didn't use her referral code to set up her Only Fans

Kerry Katona said she’s ‘guttedpal Katie Price didn’t use her referral code to set up her Only Fansクレジット: インスタグラム / ケリー・カトーナ
Katie announced yesterday while dressed as a nun that she has signed up to the platform

Katie announced yesterday while dressed as a nun that she has signed up to the platformクレジット: ゲッティイメージズ – ゲッティ

と話す OK! マガジン, 彼女は言いました: “I’m so happy for Katie for finally setting up an OnlyFans account. It’s about bl**dy time!

I’m so proud of her. I think she’ll do great and make a lot of money. Money doesn’t make you happy, but it does give you options for the future, and I think that’s something that’s good for her. Katie is still the original glamour model.

彼女は続けた: “I was the one who encouraged her to do it and gave her a referral code, which you can give to others to join OnlyFans as a creator – and it helps me out too. I was really gutted that she didn’t decide to use my code.

Kerry went on to add that it’sa really positive movefor Katie and insisted that the TV personality isgoing to smash it” 彼女のように “empowers other womenwith her content.

The Sun exclusively revealed last year that the bankrupt mum-of-five だった planning to join the site and she confirmed the racy decisioninsisting ‘it’s my body, my rulesyesterday at a press conference.

記者と話す, while dressed as a nun, Katie explained: “So the reason I’ve come in a nun outfit is because I am pure and I am actually innocent. 新年, new start.


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Doing my OnlyFans channel is something that I am born to do. It’s something I’m born to do. I’ve done glamour for years. I’m so excited I’ve got no one in my way.

There are no lads mags anymore, I’m not doing it for nothing. I’ve always been paid to do what I do. Why would you just want to give that away? I think my body is valuable, it’s my rules. I want to dictate how I show my body.

ケイティ, who was joined by her serious looking fiance Carl Woods continued: “I’m embracing myselfI’m a feminist.

I’m looking forward to all the good things, I’ve got my babies to look forward to. This platform, it’s not just pictures, I’m just so excited.

彼女は付け加えた: “I thought it was all nudes and porn, stuff like that. Certainly what I won’t be doing. It’s all about empowering women. It’s an insight into my lifelike a reality show. I want to empower women.

Teasing her fans

Katie has been teasing fans with a big announcement for weeks ahead of her mucky mansion TV show last night.

The former glamour model is following in the footsteps of pal Kerry who has made millions from stripping off on the adult only website.

Her ex-husband Kieran Hayler is another of the app’s famous names offering up their services for a subscription feeas well as actress Sarah Jayne Dunn and model Lottie Moss.

に 2020, we first told how Katie was considering joining the app to share intimate content.

A source told us last year: “Katie wants to join OnlyFans to make moneyshe wouldn’t be stripping off, it’d be more about glam fashion shoots and giving fans exclusive access to her life.

Kerry Katona is raking in the cash through OnlyFansKatie wants to do the same.

Fans were initially convinced she was going to say she was pregnant with her sixth child after dropping a series of hints over the last few weeks.

Money woes

ニュースは次のようになります ケイティ is facing up to five years in prison after allegedly sending a text to her ex Kieran Hayler that potentially breaches a court-imposed ban.

On Monday she avoided another court showdown by paying off more than £7k in court fines.

She coughed up £7,358 for a series of fines she had failed to pay since 2019.

The star was facing a possible prison term for failing to pay the fines, but paid them back in full at the last moment.

The former glamour model was declared bankrupt in November 2019, and last August we revealed that she faces prison if she misses her next hearing.

後に 2019 Chokri氏とO’Donoghue氏は、, Katie was supposed to pay off £12,000 a month to her creditors after taking out an individual voluntary arrangement (IVA) – but failed to do so.

The next hearing is to review her attempts to pay back her hefty debts to creditors two years after going bust.

ケイティ owes a staggering £3.2 million to her creditors, but is unlikely to pay it all back.

The reality star saw her once lucrative £45million media empire fall apart after the downfall of her third marriage to Kieran Hayler and the collapse of her businesses.

The pair have been close pals for two decades

The pair have been close pals for two decadesクレジット: ゲッティ – 寄稿者
Kerry has said Only Fans had made her millionaire

Kerry has said Only Fans had made her millionaireクレジット: インスタグラム / ケリー・カトーナ

Katie Price shares raunchy promo video as she announces she’s launching her OnlyFans profile