THE NEW slang abbreviation, GYATT, has gone viral on TikTok among Gen Z users.

It is among a growing trend of new slang that can leave even the most faithful チクタク users perplexed.


The abbreviation, GYATT, has cropped up as text in TikTok videos, video captions, and by followers in the comment sectionsand TikTok users can’t get enough of it.

Making it more difficult to understand the new phrase is the fact that there are more than one ways GYAT is being spelled including, GYATT, GYATTT, GYAAAT, and GYAATT.

しかしながら, GYATT has expanded on TikTokas a way to show appreciation for women with curvy figures.

The phrase was first used by streamer YourRAGE, who would use the term whenever he saw someone curvy pop up during his streams.

TikTok users have generated a number of viral slang terms

TikTok users have generated a number of viral slang termsクレジット: ゲッティイメージズ – ゲッティ

The term is also commonly used within Twitch streams.

Is there another meaning for GYAT?

A quick search on Acronym Finder says that GYATT stands for: Get Your Act Together.

GYAT was generally used to tell someone they’re behaving inappropriately or telling them to behave in a better manner.

The abbreviation has also been added to the Urban Dictionary which defines GYATT as a shortened abbreviation forgodd**n.

What are the other TikTok slang terms?

Users of TikTok will know that the popular content sharing app, generates new slang terms all the time.

And we have everything you need to know about.


Every TikTok user will have seen the phrase FYP in the comments section or as a hashtagand this one is pretty simple.

FYP stands for For You Pageand refers to the main timeline you see when you log into the app.

The FYP presents users with popular, viral and random videos that they might like based on their personal algorithm.


This is a term that frequently pops up on TikTokand especially on food TikTok.

Content creators that review food items use the term Bussin to describe something that is really good.


You might think this word means having a hot beveragebut it the world of TikTok it means something completely different.

This term is used in phrases such as ‘having the teaor ‘spilling the tea’ – and it refers to knowing gossip about a particular person or brand.


There are a whole genre of videos on TikTok where users act out a sceneand these are known as ‘POVs’.

POV stands for point of viewand is frequently used on acting TikTok or created using the most current viral sounds.

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