My wife and I hardly speak – it’s a grunt here and a grunt there

DEAR DEIDRE: MY wife and I hardly speak and when we do, it’s a grunt here and a grunt there.

She doesn’t want me involved in her life at all. I’m 54 and she’s 51.

All my wife and I ever do is grunt at each other

All my wife and I ever do is grunt at each other

She recently won £5,500 at the bingo, but I only found out because I heard her squealing with delight on the phone.

When I asked her, she replied: “I told you I won. And it doesn’t matter anyway – what’s mine is mine.”

I also found out her sister had a baby – again only because a friend mentioned it.

I really can’t see the point in us staying together if she has no intention of communicating at all with me.

DEIDRE SAYS: I don’t think I’ve ever heard the wedding vow “what’s mine is mine”.

You certainly need to have a long overdue chat with your wife. Cutting you out of her life will no doubt leave you feeling unloved and unvalued.

Please have a look at my support pack on Looking After Your Relationship to help you work out what changes you both need to make to improve your lives.

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