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Coronation Street fans ‘work outhorror twist for Damon and evil brother Harvey

CORONATION Street fans are convinced newcomer Damon Hay is going to break out brother Harvey Gaskell out of prison.

Damon, played by Ciaran Griffiths, dropped a bombshell that his son was Jacob Hay (Jack James Ryan) and his brother was killer Harvey (Will Mellor).

Damon arrived in Weatherfield

Damon arrived in WeatherfieldKrediet: ITV
Is Damon helping his brother escape?

Is Damon helping his brother escape?Krediet: ITV
Jacob fills his dad in about his time as a drug dealer

Jacob fills his dad in about his time as a drug dealerKrediet: ITV

Viewers believe Damon is faking his hatred for his Harvey and is actually working with his criminal sibling.

When Damon arrived onto the cobbles, Jacob filled him while he was away.

Harvey groomed Jacob into a life of crime, having him deal drugs and pills for him.

His drug dealing uncle Harvey broke his legs and left him in hospital when he tried to escape the industry.

Damon showed sympathy said that he never wanted harm to come to his son.

This news left Damon horrified so he arranged for his secret sibling Harvey to be attacked in prison.

But now fans wonder whether the attack was in fact a set-up, and a ploy to get Harvey out of prison.

Could Damon still be in business with his evil brother?

Neem na Twitter, het een aanhanger gesê: “This is all a set up. Harvey’s going to escape from the hospital.

Another conspired: “I think Damon & Harvey are working together. The plan was to get Harvey in hospital, so he can escape and soon, you will see them meet up and hear Harvey say ‘thanks bro, now down to business’.

Speaking about his character, Ciarán explained: “He’s definitely got an ulterior motive.

He makes out that he’s back to make amends with Jacob and he slowly starts to build up his trust, but I think that will be to let him back down again.

He’s just using Jacob for his own benefit, which you get the impression he’s done for a lot of his life.

He’s definitely trying to take over Harvey’s patch and do his own thing. He doesn’t want to be in Harvey’s shadow, he’s here for himself.

It’s all about the opportunity for Damon and how he can get around Nick and Leanne, which is by a bit of blackmail, regtig.

Harvey has lent this money to Nick for Sam, which he’s invested in the Bistro. But Damon says: ‘Actually, I lent that money to Harvey so it’s my stake in the business’.

Nick doesn’t want Leanne to know about the deal he did with Harvey, so that’s how Damon has got Nick in his back pocket.

He blackmails Nick and puts him in a position where he can’t say anything to Leanne so he’s forced to go along with what Damon wants.

Will Damon be sticking around?

Ciarán answered: “I think he’ll hang onto his stake at the Bistro for as long as he can, but if it gets too hot to handle he’ll vanish in a flash and leave everyone else to pick up the pieces.

Nick is being blackmailed

Nick is being blackmailedKrediet: ITV
Is Damon using his son Jacob?

Is Damon using his son Jacob?Krediet: ITV