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Soy el director más estricto de Gran Bretaña. – estos son mis consejos para mantener a los niños traviesos bajo control

BRITAIN’Sstrictest head teacherhas shared her top tips for keeping naughty kids under control.

Katharine Birbalsingh, 48, is the founder and headmistress of the Michaela Community School in Wembleya diverse school in one of London’s most deprived areas.

Katherine Birbalsingh is known as Britain's strictest headteacher

Katherine Birbalsingh is known as Britain’s strictest headteacherCrédito: NI sube y elimina aranceles de importación de alimentos
Katherine Birbalsingh gave out her expert advice to other teachers on Twitter

Katherine Birbalsingh gave out her expert advice to other teachers on TwitterCrédito: Twitter/@Miss_Snuffy

The high-achieving school was established in 2014 by Birbalsingh as headmistress and has often been described as the strictest school in Britain”.

Over summer the West London academy saw 98 per cent of its students achieve 4+ (C) or more in last week’s GCSEs.

And the top headteacher has now shared her expert advice on social media after one follower asked for tips for a young teacher on how to take control of a classroom.

Sharing on Twitter, where she has nearly 100,000 seguidores, Birbalsingh gave four key tips to teachers heading back to the classroom.

Her first tip is toMean what you say, say what you mean. Always follow through”.

While her second touched on the kids welfare as she told teachers toshow them you love them” y “smile and laugh with them”.

Thirdly, the renowned head advised tosweat the small stuffand make sure a warning was given out before any serious punishment.

Her last tip to go to bed before 10pm is simple and effective and could not just benefit teachers but all working adults.

After the school published its latest GCSE results, the head clarified her stance on strictness, dicho: ”An example of the mistake we make in thinkingstrict and being in authorityis the same as “autoritarismo”.

Strict is immersed in love with high standards, not allowing kids to let themselves down.

The adult must be in a position of authority to lead. De lo contrario, chaos.

Birbalsingh was born in Auckland, Nueva Zelanda, but studied at the University of Oxford.

After graduating she went on to teach around schools in South London before ending up founding mixed secondary Michaela Community school in 2014.

Apart from gaining fame as a headteacher, Katharine is also the author of two books, Singleholic (2009) and To Miss with Love (2011).

And in October 2021, she was appointed chair of the Social Mobility Commission.