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L'esplosione di fine estate destinata a rendere il Regno Unito più caldo del Messico nell'ondata di caldo festivo del 28°C

BRITS will bask in glorious late summer sunshine this weekwith the UK set to be warmer than MEXICO.

Temperatures are set to soar to 28C this weekmeaning it’ll be a whopping 4C warmer here than it will be in Mexico City.

Beachgoers in Dorset sunned themselves as Britain's toasty summer continued

Beachgoers in Dorset sunned themselves as Britain’s toasty summer continuedCredito: ©Graham Hunt
Brits were hit with a deluge this week after intense showers swept across parts the country

Brits were hit with a deluge this week after intense showers swept across parts the countryCredito: Belinda Jiao

Forecasters say there may yet be another spell of scorching weather for the August Bank Holiday.

Nicola Maxey, spokesperson for the Met Office, ha detto a The Sun Online: “Temperatures are not going to be as hot as we saw in July or earlier this month, but it looks like we’re going to have a nice, settled warm spell for the end of the summer.

There’s certainly high indications at the moment that we’re going to see high pressure build which could bring some more settled dry, sunny weather for parts of the country.

The sunny spells will see most of the UK top 20C over the next week.

While the Met says there’scurrently no indicationthe blistering August heat will return, it’s believed heatwave criteria could almost be reached.

The gorgeous weather will make its return next week after Brits were hit with downpours as intense showers swept across parts the country.

Many areas have seen thunderstorms as the roasting heatwave ended with a bang this week.

Un incredible delugewreaked havoc on homes and businesses on Tuesday as experts urged Brits to pack an emergency bag in case of flooding.

More rain is expected to fall on Monday.

Forecasters say there’ll be a dry start this morning before cloud builds from the west.

Those living in Cornwall and Northern Ireland will have rain by the end of the day.

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