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David Walliams risks Simon Cowell’s wrath as he mocks ‘shortstar by revealing his TRUE height ‘without heeled boots

DAVID Walliams risked Simon Cowell’s wrath in a daring appearance on Lorraine this morningmocking theshortstar and revealing how small he really iswithout heeled boots”.

The 49-year-old comic compared his Bretaña Tiene Talento co-star to famously tiny Jawas from the Guerra de las Galaxias franquicia – who stand at three feet tall.

David risked Simon's wrath by revealing how short he really is

David risked Simon’s wrath by revealing how short he really is

The anecdote began when a photo of David standing next to 61-year-old Simón flashed onto a screen, with the TV favourite musing: “I always forget how big I am until I stand next to him.

Lorena Kelly respondido: “You are quite tall, but you’re not freakishly tall.

Simon’s height is publicly listed as 5ft 8, whereas David’s is 6ft 1.

The star giggled as he began: “I shouldn’t really tell this story…before glancing off camera as though to ponder whether or not he will share.

The comic was taken aback by a photo of them together

The comic was taken aback by a photo of them together
He almost didn't tell the story

He almost didn’t tell the story
David is over six feet tall

David is over six feet tallCrédito: Rex

Deciding to risk it, David went on: “One time, we were flying back from Glasgow in a private jethe always wears a boot with a heel and then he has his jeans.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw a very small figure as we were going through security, pensé: ‘Who’s that?!'”

Barely unable to speak between chuckles, David went on: “They were like: ‘Simon had to take his shoes off to go through security’, and honestly… Y’know when you see someone out of the corner of your eye?

“yo era como: ‘Who is that? I didn’t know we had a Jawa on the show!”

Lorraine giggled as she told her guest: “You’re going to be in so much trouble.

He couldn't stop laughing

He couldn’t stop laughing
David compared Simon to a 3ft Jawa

David compared Simon to a 3ft JawaCrédito: Absolute Film Archive
Lorraine said that he will be in trouble with Simon

Lorraine said that he will be in trouble with SimonCrédito: Getty

Simon Cowell swears at David Walliams as he pokes fun at star’s weight loss in Britain’s Got Talent opener tonight

Shrugging off the remark, respondió: “I know… But the good thing is he doesn’t get up until three in the afternoon.

David joked: “So he’s never watched the showhe has no idea who you are!”

Britain’s Got Talent fans adore watching Simon and David’s love/ hate relationship, with the pair often bickering in front of the cameras and poking fun at each other in interviews.