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Mein Mädchen, 10, hat Absätze & Acryl, Ich bin getrollt: Sie ist so reich, dass sie bald in Rente gehen wird

A PRE-TEEN whose mum previously revealed she could retire as 15 (and was set to earn £11m by 18) has revealed she’s bought her first paid of heels – bei nur 10.

Pixie Curtis, from Australia, showed off her heels on her Instagram pagebut not everyone was happy about it with some commentators saying she was too young.

Pixie Curtis is just 10 years old and shares three businesses with her mum Roxy

Pixie Curtis is just 10 years old and shares three businesses with her mum RoxyAnerkennung: roxyjacenko/Instagram

And it isn’t the first time Pixie’s luxe lifestyle has impressedand shocked.

Ihre Mutter MODEL Roxy Horner sieht heiß und frech aus, wenn sie in ihrer senffarbenen Sportkleidung posiert has already spent a whopping £193,000 on cars for her daughter – einschließlich eines £43k Mercedes Benz.

The PR guru said she bought the extravagant motor for its “extra safety features.”

Sprechen mit News.com.au, Sie sagte: “It’s of utmost importance to me that both she and her brother Hunter travel safely on the roads when going to and from school so I purchased a car for her.

“Obviously she doesn’t drive it, she is driven in it as is her brother to and from school and for any activities.

“Given the number of fatalities on our roads their safety is so important so if it means buying a car that has extra safety features that’s what I’ll do.”

Pixie and brother Hunter with her their new car

Pixie and brother Hunter with her their new carAnerkennung: pixiecurtis/Instagram
Pixie wears acrylic nails

Pixie wears acrylic nailsAnerkennung: Instagram
Pixie recently went shopping for heels

Pixie recently went shopping for heelsAnerkennung: Instagram

Die meisten lesen in Fabulous

Harry „miserabel“ als neues Leben in den USA „weit entfernt von dem, was er sich erhofft hatte“, sagt der Experte


Harry ist unglücklich’ als neues Leben in den USA „weit entfernt von dem, was er sich erhofft hatte’ sagt Experte

inzwischen, she’s also gets fancy acrylic nails which she’s flashed in repeated videos.

People have taken umbrage with them too after mum Pixie posted a picture.

“Lucky Dad lives in Tassie and @roxyjacenko is in charge,” Sie schrieb. How cool are my nails – Danke @cjartistrygirls

But people were quick to comment on her pictureand it wasn’t all positive.

Man schrieb: “Very wrong for a 10 Jahre alt, there is no need to rush children to grow up sooner or look older.”

Ein anderer fügte hinzu: “They look greaton an adult’s hand.”

jedoch, the mum Roxy Jacenko hit back at critics and said she will just continue to do “her own thing.”

Even though she’s still in primary school, the Australian pre-teen has created her own company called Pixie’s Fidgetswith her mum Roxy’s help of course.

The mum-and-daughter officially launched the toy business in Mayand in the first 48 Std, their colourful popping toys had completely sold out.

Was ist mehr, PR guru Roxy told Stellar that the company turned over $200,000 [£105k] in its first month.

But this isn’t the 10-year-old’s only businessas her mum also created a hair accessory brand in her name when she was just a baby called Pixie’s Bows.

The two companies fall under Pixie’s Pixswhich sells other children’s toys, clothes and accessories that have the 10-year-old’s stamp of approval.

Commenting on her daughter’s huge success, Roxy said she’s set all this up for Pixie so shecan retire at 15if she wants to.

jedoch, the mum says that’s pretty unlikely given her pre-teen’s entrepreneurial drive.

Sie sagte: “What is the most exciting thing for me is the entrepreneurial spirit that she has at such a young age. I never had it, although it was drummed into me that I had to succeed.

“Ich weiß, dass es schädlich ist, aber es ist schwer zu widerstehen, wenn Sie von zu Hause aus arbeiten und die Sperrung Sie daran hindert, Freunde und Familie zu treffen 14, I got a job at McDonald’s because that’s what you did back in my day.

"So, I guess to me the biggest thing is her drive as an entrepreneur. Ja, I’ve enabled it, but she’s still got it, which is for me the most rewarding part.

MODEL Roxy Horner sieht heiß und frech aus, wenn sie in ihrer senffarbenen Sportkleidung posiert, who has a number of successful businesses including Sweaty Betty PR, shares Pixie with husband Oliver Curtis, who she married in 2012.

The couple are also parents to six-year-old Hunter, and live in a $6.6million (£3.6m) mansion in Sydney.

Im August, Pixie received £265 Balenciaga flip flops and a Prada handbag for her 10th birthdaynot to mention the lavish party thrown in her honour.

Und, Roxy shared Pixie’s VERY extravagant Christmas listincluding a new phone and a £50 anti-ageing cream.

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