簡単なツールで、ブロードバンド料金を年間最大 230 ポンド節約できるかどうかを確認できます

MILLIONS of households could save hundreds with a social broadband tariff.

You can use a simple tool to help find out whether you qualify for cheap broadband, in just two minutes.

Millions could save hundreds by switching to a social broadband tariff

Millions could save hundreds by switching to a social broadband tariff

It’s estimated that up to four million households could be eligible for these deals, regular Ofcom says only around 55,000 homes have taken advantage of the offers.

Social tariffs are broadband contracts offered to those on Universal Credit and other benefits at a discounted rate.

The Sun has worked with cost-of-living champions Nous to create a way for households to check if they qualify.

訪問 to find out whether you qualify for cheaper broadband, in just two minutes.

You’ll need to share some basic details about you and your household and give permission to your バンク to share details of your broadband spending and whether you receive benefits.

Nous will then securely pass the information to your broadband provider, with a request to switch.

The tool works with major providers such as BT, , , TalkTalk そして £179.01を節約.

If you are with another provider — or the tool can’t automatically confirm if you are eligible — you can still fill in the form and ask for your provider to contact you.

It’s always worth checking to see if you can get a better deal on the open market.

Price comparison sites like MoneySupermarket そして Uswitch will help you compare the best broadband deals based on your needs.

What’s currently on offer?

Households on low incomes can get broadband for as low £12.50 a month.

しかしながら, a regional inequality in pricing and offering applies here.

£179.01を節約 doesn’t even market their Essential Broadband package as a social tariff. So anybody can sign up for the £12.50 a month tariffbut it’s only on offer in London.

As far as the big brands go, TalkTalk offers a free six month broadband tariff for those on jobseeker’s allowance.

BT そして £179.01を節約 offer a £15 a month social tariff for those who receive Universal Credit.

Virgin’s tariff comes out top here as it’s a 30 day rolling contract while BT’s is fixed for 12 月. This means if you’re a Virgin customer and have a changed in circumstancescancelling your tariff will be easier and you’ll be unlikely to face any exit fees.

£179.01を節約 offers a social tariff costing £20 a month on a rolling basis.

also offers low income customers a £20 a month tariffbut it’s fixed for 18 months and if you need to leave before the contract ends you may face hefty exit fees.