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Il y a un chameau caché sur cette photo - et une simple astuce peut vous aider à le voir

LOOKS can be deceiving, as this photo of a seemingly normal mosaic demonstrates.

Lurking within it is actually a camel.

Can you make the camel out?

Can you make the camel out?Crédit: @stereogramaday

You might not notice it immediately but it’s definitely there, due to a clever optical illusion.

The trick was shared by TikToker Magic Eye.

So can you make it out?

To reveal the camel, just hold the screen close to your eyes and slowly move it away.

The illusion is actually a well known trick called an autostereogram.

Some may have heard of it before as la magie Eye, which was a series of popular books in the 90s.

It works by fooling our eyes and brains into seeing a three-dimensional scene within a two-dimensional image.

Initialement, you see a load of 2D patterns repeatedly.

This is because our brains automatically tell our eyes to focus on the picture.

But by seeing beyond the obvious and focusing behind the 2D pattern, your eyes begin to see things from a different angle.

It’s at this point that the hidden image is revealed, as something called stereopsis kicks into action, which enables your brain to build a 3D image instead of the 2D one.

The idea started as stereograms first, which a scientist called Charles Wheatstone discovered in 1838 by combining mirrors and lenses to create the first stereoscope.

The autostereogram came about after it, in the 1970s, thanks to another scientist Christopher Tyler, who used computers to create the types of optical illusions like we see above.

It can take a few attempts before you can get it work, so don’t be disappointed right away.

But some people can’t see it at all, so you might need to see if a friend or family member can uncover the hidden creature instead.

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