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L'automobilista colpito da un guidatore non assicurato esce con "esilarante".’ Vendetta fai-da-te

A MOTORIST hit by an uninsured driver, who they claim refused to pay out, has come up with a “divertente” DIY revenge ploy.

The disgruntled driver printed a sticker onto their car pointing to a dent in the door, spotted in a Surrey car park.

A sticker reading 'uninsured driver Sarah did this' had been stuck next to a large dent

A sticker reading ‘uninsured driver Sarah did thishad been stuck next to a large dent

The sticker named anuninsured driverwho they claimed to be responsible for the large dent and scratch on the side of their car.

Parked up by Virginia Lake, Windsor Great Park, il fotografo, chi ha chiesto di rimanere anonimo, was tickled by thepettinessof the DIY attempt to shame the driver who wouldn’t pay out.

He snapped a picture of it last Sunday and captioned it: “The height of pettiness seen in a UK car park todayposting to Reddit to see what others thought of the “divertente” Il fan del Benfica lancia un palo di metallo a Luis Diaz mentre la stella del Liverpool celebra il gol.

He told The Sun Online said: “I’d say my friends and I thought it was hilarious, especially as the sticker was far more obvious than the scratch.

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Una regola poco conosciuta significa che potresti sfuggire al biglietto del parcheggio

I’ve not seen anything like it before. I think we’ve all been in situations where we want to get revenge or call someone out.

Kudos to whoever actually went through the effort of doing it though.

I’m sure it has given a fair few people a laugh.

But Reddit users appeared to back the move, in agreement that uninsured drivers arethe worst”.

One user said: “It’s not petty. Uninsured drivers are the absolute worst.

Un altro d'accordo: “Yup not petty at all given it’s the UK it’s also illegal to drive without insurance. The owner of the damaged vehicle should win at the small claims court.

It is amazing how uninsured drivers seem to drive so damn bad. You think they’d be more careful but clearly that isn’t the case,” added someone else.

It is illegal in the UK to drive without third party insurance as a minimum, which is in place so that no one is left out of pocket for repairs that they didn’t cause.

In the event that an uninsured car hits your car, there is no one to pay for the damage unless you claim it on your own insurance.

The Motor Insurers’ Bureau may be able to settle your claim in this case, as well as in the case that the offender has broken their policy conditions and can also claim this if you have comprehensive cover insurance.

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