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Becky Hill’s top ten tracks according to Lady Of The House

AS Lady Of The House close their competition to find 4 winning tracks to launch their new label, they compile a LoTH Playlist of top flight artist Becky Hill, uncorking some of her biggest anthems.

Becky Hill is A&R to the Lady Of The House label and is set to select some of the winning tracks in the competition to find rising women and non binary stars. [object Window] 350 demos submitted in 6 weke, LoTH are smashing the glass ceiling and opening up the conversation about women in electronic music.

From their 2021 self-published Lady of The House book- the 1st book about women in dance musicto their 3 day Cultural Exhibition event in Bristol in March launched on International Women’s Day earlier this year, LoTH are re-shaping a woman’s path into the music industry with great support and opportunities.

Having recently performed on ‘Love Island’ and at the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations. Becky is one of the world’s most-streamed female artists with 13 of her singles charting in the UK Top 40. Her debut single with Oliver Heldens ‘Gecko (Overdrive)’ announced her arrival on festival stages, with ‘Back & Forth’ and ‘Wish You Well’ adding to her cannon of killer tracks.

 Becky Hill

Becky Hill

Alongside these is the massive breakup anthem with Sigala, and ‘Forever Young’. Known for her pop songwriting, and dance-pop collaborations with David Guetta, Sigala, Shift K3y and MK – ‘Remember’ with Guetta, notched up six weeks in the UK Top 10. Becky’s last release was ‘Run” a collab with Wilkinson and Galantis. She is also the face of Spotify’s EQUAL programme, aiming to tackle gender inequality in music. Becky says:

“LoTH is an incredibly exciting step forward for women & non binary people in dance music history. As a female that has pushed through the boundaries of sexism in the dance sector for the last 10 jare, it’s brilliant to see a support system in place for the newcomers that will progress the scene for the next generation. I’m honoured to be named godmother of the label and I cannot wait to see what talent is brought forward through this process.”

Lady Of The House founder Laila McKenzie has rifled through Becky’s back catalogue and chosen her favourite tracks which you can listen to below. Laila told us:

“Working with Becky on the Lady of The House label is a huge honour and pleasure and as one of our A&R’s she’s got to find time to listen to some of our 350 demos as we’re releasing the winning tracks in September!

A real queen of dance music, die 10 tracks we’ve chosen are real, real dance music bangers and not only defining moments in Becky’s career but also snapshots of today’s dance floor. They’re feel good, pret, anthems with great vocals that touch the soul, move your feet.. they’re everything you want in a tune.

Becky really nails it from 1-10 on all these tracks. ‘Afterglow’ is an absolute anthem as is ‘Lose Control’ and ‘Crazy What Love Can Do’. These tunes stick in peoples hearts and minds and we love these tunes and her”

Becky Hill’s Top Ten Tracks according to Lady Of The House founder Laila McKenzie

Crazy What Love Can Do. David Guetta, Becky Hill, Ella Henderson

Meduza, Becky Hill, GoodboysLose Control

Becky Hill, David Guetta – Onthou

Becky HillMy Heart Goes (La Di Da) (prestasie. Topic)

Becky Hill, GalantisRun

Becky HillAfterglow

Oliver Heldens, Becky HillGecko (Overdrive)

Becky Hill – Onthou – Acoustic

MK, Becky HillPiece Of Me

Wilkinson, Becky HillHere For You