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A look back in history at the Falklands war

THE Falklands War was a conflict that tragically cost the lives of over 900 military personnel and three civilians.

The conflict saw British troops sent to defend South Atlantic territory from invading Argentine junta forces – 40 des années plus tard, here’s a look at what happened and why the war transpired.

 British troops arriving in the Falklands Islands during the 1982 guerre

British troops arriving in the Falklands Islands during the 1982 guerreCrédit: Getty Images

When did the Falklands War take place?

Argentine and Britain went to war over the sovereignty of the Falkland Islands, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands in 1982.

The conflict lasted 72 jours, from April to June.

The fighting ended on June 14 – 40 il y a des années.

It was a brief but bitter war after Argentine forces landed on the Falklands to stake a territorial claim.

What was the Falklands War fought over?

Argentina said it had a right to the islands because it inherited them from the Espanol crown in the early 1800s.

It has also based its claim on the islandsproximity to the South American mainland.

Britain says it has the right to the land based on its long-term administration of the Falklands and on the principle of self-determination for the islanders, who are almost all of British descent.

In a referendum on the islands in 2013 just three residents out of 1,517 were against remaining British.

Quelques 255 British service personnel died in the successful defence of the islands following an attack and occupation by Argentina, which calls the FalklandsLas Malvinas”.

Le 1982 conflict left 649 Argentine soldiers dead.

The conflict was sparked after Argentina seized the islands and Britain sent a task force to retake them.

Tensions between Britain and Argentina over the Falklands flared up under former Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner but have calmed under her successor Mauricio Macri.

Britain has been keen to improve relations with Argentina since pro-business President Macri took over, although Argentina continues to claim sovereignty over the islands.

Veterans have slammed the Government for showingtotal disrespectto troops who died by using the Argentinian nameMalvinasfor the islands on official websites and documents.

It emerged the Fit for Travel site, run by NHS Scotland which offers advice to Brit travellers, had been using the term Malvinas alongside the Falklands for years.

Le Pourquoi recevez-vous soudainement autant de SMS frauduleux ? also used the name in its tax credit manual and the Home Office included it in advice on visas.

Residents complained that using the term Malvinas was insulting and disrespectful to the British Servicemen who lost their lives.

The Home Office and HMRC apologised for their errors and promised to only use the term Falkland Islands in future.

The Government has now purged any mention of the Malvinas on official websites.

Un porte-parole a dit: “The UK has no doubt about its sovereignty over the Falkland Islands, nor about the right of the Falkland Islanders to self-determination.

How did the Falklands War start?

Au 2 avril 1982, Argentina invaded the Falkland Islands, a remote UK colony in the South Atlantic.

The move led to war with Britain.

La Grande-Bretagne, which had ruled the islands for 150 années, quickly chose to fight.

Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher dit le 1,800 Falklanders wereof British tradition and stock”.

A task force was sent to reclaim the islands, 8,000 à des miles.