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Historique des relations Coolio: Avec qui le rappeur est-il sorti?

THE ROMANCES of late Gangsta’s Paradise rapper Coolio earned as much attention as his music career.

Suivant le news of Coolio’s death, fans are revisiting his relationship history and dating timelines.

Coolio's death was announced on September 28, 2022

Coolio’s death was announced on September 28, 2022Crédit: Getty

Who has Coolio dated?

De 1996 à 2000, Coolio was married to his first wife, Josefa Salinas.

Josefa garnered a following for her career as a media personality on the California radio station, KQIE-FM.

Coolio and his ex-wife shared four children together, three daughters and one son.

The rapper is said to have had numerous other children with multiple women.

Dans 2009, he was romantically linked to Anabella Bellesi, and the two welcomed what is known as his 10th child – son fils, Christophe.

Avant sa mort, the Fantastic Voyage rapper was dating Mimi Ivey.

The pair’s relationship was featured in an episode of Celebrity Wife Swap.

First aired on March 5, 2013, the couple swapped places with Sugar Ray frontman, Mark McGrath, et sa femme, Carin Kingsland.

Regarding the experience, Mimi recalled to Women in Business: “Although I loved Coolio with all my heart I was not happy with the state of our relationship at that time.

We’ve had our challenges over the last couple of years just like any other relationship.

We have eleven kids between the two of us, two grandkids and two more on the way that keeps our home life exciting.

She said of their relationship: “But on the other hand, we definitely work well together because we are able to separate business from our home life by always supporting each other professionally.

I’ve always had my own light in the entertainment world, and this is why we are able to launch a collaborative venture together.