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Seven Hollyoaks spoilers: a shocking exit and villagers are at death’s door

THERE’S an explosive Christmas ahead for Chester residents as more drama unfolds.

Um Hollyoaks villager keeps their worrying cancer diagnosis a secret while another is up to no good, confirming their villainous streak.

Juliet is struggling to cope with her cancer diagnosis

Juliet is struggling to cope with her cancer diagnosisCrédito: Canal 4
She tries to keep it a secret from her loved ones

She tries to keep it a secret from her loved onesCrédito: Canal 4
But will Nadira and Peri see through her lies?

But will Nadira and Peri see through her lies?Crédito: Canal 4

1. Juliet hides her diagnosis

Juliet Nightingale (played by former Corrie star Niamh Blackshaw) was recently diagnosed with cancer but she has yet to break the news to her nearest and dearest.

Coming up this week on Canal 4, she gets ready for her first chemo session and heads to Romeo’s before her appointment.

But while there, Juliet realises Romeo has a big surprise waiting for her.

Em cenas posteriores, she struggles to keep her health scare under wraps as she slips up to Nadira Valli (Ashling O’Shea) that she is due to be at the hospital.

Contudo, Juliet is still hiding the truth as she tells Nadira that her and Peri Lomax (Ruby O’Donnell) are giving their relationship another try.

Juliet serves up the same lie to Peri when she bumps into her at the hospital, revealing that her and Nadira are also giving it another go.

Unfortunately for her, both Nadira and Peri find out the truth and make it their mission to find out why Juliet is lying on Christmas Day.

But will she ever tell them her life is on the line?

Will Romeo really leave?

Will Romeo really leave?Crédito: Canal 4

2. Romeo makes a big decision

There’s more troubling news for the Nightingales.

No início de dezembro, Theresa McQueen (Jorgie Porter) made the decision to leave Hollyoaks, telling Romeo Nightingale (Owen Warner) that nothing has felt right since her return in 2020.

After choosing to stay behind in the eponymous village, Romeo follows in Theresa’s footsteps.

Esta semana, the hunk breaks the news that he’ll be heading to Spain to be with Theresa.

Romeo’s exit coincides with actor Owen Warner’s participation in the latest series of Eu sou uma celebridade.

He recently filmed another scene of the long-running soap shortly after his exit from the Australian jungle.

What’s in store for him?

Warren is in need of a liver transplant

Warren is in need of a liver transplantCrédito: Canal 4

3. Warren faces his last Christmas

enquanto isso, another villager is facing danger as his health is declining rapidly.

Hollyoaks gangster Warren Fox (Jamie Lomas) is determined to win his kids back as he wraps presents for them.

Due to him needing a new liver, Warren fears he may be facing his last Christmas with them.

A desperate Norma Crow (Glynis Barber) has her people out to try and fetch him a matchwill they be successful?

Things are getting worse for Warren in later scenes as Ethan Williams (Matthew Bailey) heads to Sienna’s hoping for some romance.

Em vez de, he’s put to work wrapping presents with Joel Dexter.

An unwelcome Warren shows up hoping to spend time with his children but he ends up falling into the tree, ruining the presents underneath.

Mais tarde, Norma asks Grace Black (Tamara Wall) to help find Warren as the latter disappears.

The criminal mastermind is worried her son may hurt himself or somebody else.

Juliet surprisingly bumps into Warren sleeping in the rough and he has some words of advice for her as they endure similar turmoil.

Sienna tries to get help from Grace Black - but can she trust her?

Sienna tries to get help from Grace Blackbut can she trust her?Crédito: Canal 4

4. Sienna is on edge

Em outro lugar, Sienna Blake (Anna Passey) is not at ease although she is trying her best to make Christmas enjoyable for Sophie and Sebastian.

Tristemente, she fails to relax as she’s fearful Warren will ruin it.

This prompts her to take matters into her own hands and she heads to Grace’s to ask for protection.

But could she make a shocking discovery while there?

Is romance in the cards for Peri?

Is romance in the cards for Peri?Crédito: Lime Pictures

5. Two villagers get close

Peri has recently been turning to Shaq Qureshi (Omar Malik) for comfort amid her love triangle with Juliet and Nadira.

Shaq has also been dealing with his own suffering after the death of Verity Hutchinson in earlier scenes.

Esta semana, porém, his bond with Peri takes a shock turn.

It begins when Shaq bumps into Peri in the park and she invites him to Christmas dinner.

Instead of agreeing to the rendez-vous, Shaq encourages her to tell Juliet how she really feels.

Mais tarde, Peri is feeling rejected by Juliet and heads to see Shaq.

Could this be a budding romance?

John Paul is trying his best to keep his son Matthew Jesus happy

John Paul is trying his best to keep his son Matthew Jesus happyCrédito: LIME PICTURES

6. John Paul struggles

While he continues his path to recovery from his alcohol addiction, John Paul McQueen (James Sutton) is feeling down in the dumps about not being able to buy his son Matthew Jesus an amazing present.

John Paul works on a homemade comic book for the young boy but when Matthew Jesus finds out he won’t be getting a games console from him as promised, he stoops to a new low.

He gives his son the gift his mother sent over, pretending it’s from him.

Matthew Jesus is loving his gift from his mother while John Paul battles the guilt.

But the truth slips out when Matthew Jesus answers a call from his mum who reveals who actually got him the present.

How will he react?

Bobby is up to no good again

Bobby is up to no good againCrédito: Canal 4

7. Bobby strikes again

Growing up to be one of Hollyoaksmost deadly villains, Bobby Costello puts another life in danger this week.

When his mother Mercedes McQueen (Jennifer Metcalfe) asks Felix Westwood (Richard Blackwood) to stay and play charades and join them for Christmas dinner, the lad played by Jayden Fox is unhappy.

He’s far from impressed by his mum’s new love interest as he watches them flirting.

Bobby later tries to warn off Felix as him and Mercedes get closer, but Felix is wise to his metaphors and thinks he can handle him.

Em cenas posteriores, Felix’s son DeMarcus arrives with a present for Bobbya Rubik’s cube.

Once Bobby completes it, Felix tries to bond with him and calls him “filho”… but Bobby turns on him.

Mercedes is distracted by the commotion and overcooks the turkey, so Felix heads to Price Slice for new provisions.

Bobby follows him, and locks him in the storeroom, lighting a match and starting a fire.

Unbeknownst to Bobby, Felix has already gone back to the McQueen household, and he’s actually locked DeMarcus in.

Will Bobby add another victim to his tally?

Hollyoaks airs on Channel 4 and E4.