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Are Becca Kufrin and Blake Horstmann dating from Bachelor in Paradise?

BACHELOR in Paradise fans are eagerly awaiting the arrival of former Bachelorette Becca Kufrin on this season.

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays at 8pm on ABC.

Becca Kufrin

Becca KufrinCrédito: Getty

Are Becca Kufrin and Blake Horstmann dating from Bachelor in Paradise?

Blake Horstmann 32, was the runner-up on season 14 of The Bachelorette, which featured Becca, 31, as the leading lady.

Although the pair aren’t together, Blake admitted during an interview with Kate Casey that the pair were in touch before Becca’s BiP stint.

Speaking on Real Life with Kate Casey, ele disse:

We did kind of chat here and there, and we were back in touch within the last, Como, six months,” Horstmann said, notingit kind of came down to if she was going to do Paradise or not.

Becca Kufrin is dating Thomas Jacobs

Becca Kufrin is dating Thomas JacobsCrédito: Instagram

He went on to explain that he was “chocado” by her split with ex-fiancé Garrett Yrigoyen.

Ambos os meus irmãos têm negado veementemente o deslizamento nas DMs Bachelor in Paradise

I always thought they would never break up. So like, I completely put her out of my head. It was never something, Como, ‘When they break up …because I never thought they would,” he admitted during the podcast.

When they did, isso foi, Como, this weird thing of, ‘Well, I wonder if there’s anything still there?'”

Em julho, O sol exclusively reported that Kufrin has a relationship with Thomas Jacobsthe villain from Katie Thurston’s Bachelorette seasonin the new Bachelor in Paradise estação.

A source explained: “She was involved in a bit of a love triangle for a minute but chose Thomas.

“She didn’t fully know how Thomas would be portrayed on the show, so she didn’t realize he was the cause of so much drama.”

Contudo, despite doing her best to find love, the couple “don’t end up together” and “both leave the show single.”

“The producers will emphasize their romance a lot, também, since she just went through a really public breakup. And this is Becca’s first time really putting herself out there since the split. She’s still a Bachelor Nation staple.

“People will root for her even though there will be backlash to choosing Thomas,” the informant added.

Thomas was sent home by Thurston after he was accused of “usando” sua in his bid to become the next Bachelor.

When did Becca Kufrin and Garrett Yrigoyen break up?

Depois de A solteira final, Kufrin and Yrigoyen moved to Carlsbad, Califórnia, where they engaged.

em agosto 2020, the couple called it quits after two years together.

No momento, uma fonte disse E! Notícias that their engagement was also called off.

O insider disse: “Becca is still very upset with Garrett’s comments and the controversy surrounding it.

Their lifestyles don’t mesh anymore. Garrett wants different things, and they came to a realization that they aren’t compatible anymore.

The news of their split came after Yrigoyen made controversial comments on social media about cops amid the Vidas negras importam protests.

Kufrin spoke up for her support for the BLM movement, while Yrigoyen voiced his appreciation for thethin blue line.

De acordo com o informante, the pair were alreadyliving separately.

The source explained: “Garrett is doing a backpacking trip in the wilderness with his buddies and is taking time for himself. They are trying to keep it low-key because they are still working things out, but the relationship is definitely done.