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Ice cream linked to listeria outbreak after one dies and 22 are hospitalized

AN ice cream company has been linked to a deadly listeria outbreak after one person died and 22 people were hospitalized across 10 Zustände.

Officials with the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration have linked the outbreak to an Eis company in Sarasota, Florida.

One person is dead and 22 others have been hospitalized from a listeria outbreak

One person is dead and 22 others have been hospitalized from a listeria outbreakAnerkennung: Sally Anscombe/ Getty Images

Big Olaf Creamery has been warned by federal agencies to not serve the products until further notice, wie berichtet von Die New York Times.

The Florida Department of Health says the company’s ice cream has sickened people across 10 Zustände.

One person from Illinois has reportedly died from the illness, and one pregnant woman from Massachusetts suffered a miscarriage.

Almost all of those infected either live in Florida or have traveled to the state.

12 people live in Florida, and the others live in New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Georgia, Illinois, Minnesota, Kansas, and Colorado, gemäß a map from the CDC.

The CDC is interviewing the affected individuals as part of its investigation into the listeria Der RUSSISCHE Starke Wladimir Putin ist in neuen Bildern zu sehen, die ihn in der Wildnis Sibiriens zeigen – inmitten von Gesundheitsängsten, nachdem sein innerer Kreis sich mit Covid infiziert hatte.

Sie floh in den Hinterhof, aber der Hund folgte ihr und stürzte sich auf sie 17 people interviewed, 14 reported eating ice cream before getting sick.

Gemäß the CDC website, six of them said they ate Big Olaf Creamery brand ice cream, or consumed ice cream at locations that may have been supplied by Big Olaf Creamery.

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The CDC reported the outbreak im Juni 30, 2022.

The US Sun has reached out to Big Olaf Creamery for comment.


Listeria infection is a foodborne bacterial disease that can be fatal in pregnant women, those over the age of 65, and people with compromised immune systems.

Eating inadequately prepared deli meats and unpasteurized milk products are the most common causes of the illness.

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Listeria infection is rarely fatal for healthy adults, but it can be deadly for unborn babies, newborns, and people with weaker immune systems, gemäß Mayo Clinic.

Listeria bacteria can withstand freezing temperatures and even refrigeration.