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Aviso de férias para os britânicos que vão para os hotspots europeus no próximo ano

BRITS heading to a number of holiday hotspots in Europe next year are being warned of new changes in place.

Croácia, Romania and Bulgaria have all applied to join the EU Schengen Zone.

Croatia is to join the Schengen Zone next year - meaning some new rules for Brits

Croatia is to join the Schengen Zone next yearmeaning some new rules for BritsCrédito: Alamy

And a majority vote by the European Parliament for Croatia’s bid means it is likely to join from January 2023.

Contudo, this means a number of new rules in place.

Croácia, which currently uses the kuna as currency, will change to the euro when they join the EU.

This means Brits with any old currency lying around may not be able to use it when in the country.

De acordo com a mídia local, the kuna and euro would both be accepted for a two-week period, before the euro becomes the main currency.

The new rules would also allow passport-free travel between Croatia and other countries in the Schengen Zone.

Ambos Romênia e Bulgária, who bid to join back in 2011, are also hopeful they will be able to join next year although a date is yet to be confirmed.

Sadly the UK is no longer in the Schengen Zone since leaving the EU following Brexit.

Brits still need to have a passport with at least three months left on it, as well as only being able to stay for 90 days during an 180-day period.

And new rules from next year will also require Brits to pay for a visa to travel to countries in the Schengen Zone.

O ETIAS scheme, similar to the US Esta, means Brits will have to pay €7 (£ 6) for a three-year ‘visawhen travelling to countries in the EU.

Anyone between the ages of 18 e 70 will have to pay it if traveling for less than 90 dias, with applications submitted 96 hours before travel.

Applicants will be asked for information about their identity, passport, education, trabalho, recent travel, and criminal convictions, including if you have ever been kicked out of a country.

Another new system is the Entry/Exit system (EES), expected to start from May 2023.

Brits will have to submit their fingerprints as well as register their name, and points of entry and exit.

This will replace the need to stamp passports, which is required for UK passengers in Europe since Brexit.

Bulgária, along with Romania, have also bid to join but is yet to be confirmed

Bulgária, along with Romania, have also bid to join but is yet to be confirmedCrédito: Alamy